Small Towns of South Dakota

Buffalo Gap, South Dakota

Buffalo Gap, South Dakota

History A very old western South Dakota town, Buffalo Gap was founded in 1877. By 1885, it was a railroad spur for the Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley line, with more than 1,200 residents. Today, the town has about 180 residents. In its' early years it was one of...

Buffalo Gap, South Dakota

Pollock, South Dakota

My wife and I have driven through Pollock a handful of times taking scenic highway 1804 from Pierre up to North Dakota to visit family. We had lunch at a cozy cafe on main street. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. It felt as though life had slowed down just a...

Buffalo Gap, South Dakota

Whitewood, South Dakota

"A Picturesque Village" I spent a quiet Sunday morning meandering around the little town of Whitewood, SD taking photos. The townsfolk were just starting to stir, a few waves and a good morning. A church bell started to ring breaking the silence. I felt like I was in...

Buffalo Gap, South Dakota

St. Onge, South Dakota

11 miles east of Belle Fourche, sits St. Onge, South Dakota. Home of the St. Onge Livestock Market, St. Onge Bar, a Post Office, and the one and only 87 year old Pat Shannon. Pat is an absolute South Dakota gem, I would have liked to visit with her all day long. I ran...

Buffalo Gap, South Dakota

Lower Brule, South Dakota

Lower Brule, and the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe Kul Wicasa Oyate ​We are a large group of families within the Tetonwan (Lakota) Nation who belong to the Sicangu (burnt thigh). Long ago we split into the Kul Wicasa Oyate (lower people) and the Heyata Wicasa Oyate (uplands...

Buffalo Gap, South Dakota

Silver City, South Dakota

Nestled deep inside the Black Hills along the western edge of South Dakota, the town of  Silver City is a little  community with a rich history.    Silver City was settled in 1876 by the Gorman brothers who came to the Black Hills from Canada...

Buffalo Gap, South Dakota

Eureka, South Dakota

Population: 868 Eureka, South Dakota Website: Eureka was laid out in 1887, and named "Eureka", a Greek exclamation meaning "I have found it!"   About Eureka, South Dakota Eureka is located in north central South Dakota, and has...

Buffalo Gap, South Dakota

Faith, South Dakota

Population: 417 City of Faith Website: Welcome to Faith, South Dakota The City of Faith (pop. 421) is located in Meade County, South Dakota about 100 miles west of the Missouri River along Highway 212.  Faith is known as the "Prairie...

Buffalo Gap, South Dakota

Woonsocket, South Dakota

Woonsocket, South Dakota — The Town with the Beautiful Lake. Population: 680 Woonsocket Website: History of Woonsocket The City of Woonsocket began in 1883 at the junction of the Chicago, Milwaukee, and Saint Paul Railroads.  The...

Buffalo Gap, South Dakota

Bijou Hills, South Dakota

The Best Kept Secret in South Dakota Population: Wayne and Pat Surat Bijou Hills Website: On Facebook: Wayne and Pat Surat We are the last, proud remaining residents of Bijou Hills, South Dakota. We have...

Photography by Jon Sailer

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