This blog post is a follow up to my earlier post about Bowers Distillery Inc. “The Mint Farm”.

First off, I would like to share my memories of MotherUp. They are fragrant and fun memories. MotherUp almost feels like part of my family. Perhaps you have a relative or a friend that wears too much perfume or cologne, their overpowering aroma gets embedded into your sinuses, sticks to your clothes and doesn’t fade away for at least 4-5 hours – that is what I remember most about MotherUp.

How could a web designer working for BPro Inc have such memories you are wondering? It’s because MotherUp was produced in the same building where we worked. I helped bottle it, label it, heat shrink the plastic seal over the spray bottles and box it up. Another BPro employee built the mobile (it had a set of wheels, so it could be pulled) mixing and heating tank where MotherUp’s ingredients were blended together and cooked for a certain amount of time. And the smell of MotherUp cooking filled the entire building.

At first it was pleasant, the minty fresh aroma had a calming effect. Much like those little vials of various fragrances that you dab on your temples that supposedly help sooth a headache, or to help you sleep. Another BPro employee even used MotherUp in his coffee, just a few drops would be enough since it was potent stuff. That was in BPro’s first official office, which was located next to the now gone, Country Kitchen in Pierre. My dates could be off, but I think that was in 2003 or 2004. We moved out of that office after a year or so, moving downtown on Pierre Street next to Hogan’s Hardware Hank. And since MotherUp was on wheels, it followed us downtown.

Our new office had a lower level and they managed to get the MotherUp mixing tank down a flight of stairs into the basement. The wheels were removed, and it was placed on a stationary platform. I wasn’t around to witness all the work it took to accomplish this…all I know was the smell was back.

Again, my dates might be off, but we must have been in that office until 2009. The days and years go by so fast that it’s hard to keep track of time. BPro was on the move again, this time to our present location on 124 W Dakota Ave in the old Grand Rental Station. And guess who showed up? MotherUp had her wheels back on and followed us again! The building has a huge garage door on the east side and it rolled in, hooked up and was cooking again. We were once again graced with the smell of mint. Customers would walk in and never once did someone not ask what that lovely minty smell was. I even gave tours at no extra charge. It was fun.

Nowadays MotherUp is smelling up a new location, it is still family owned and operated by the Bower’s family. The minty smell of MotherUp is courtesy of Bower’s Distillery, Inc. “The Mint Farm”. They grow the mint and extract the oil through their distilling process. So, there you have it. That’s my MotherUp story. My next blog (part 3) will be about my experience being a mint farmer. Stay tuned!

“Plant a little mint, Madame, then step out of the way so you don’t get hurt!”

British gardener

MotherUp is a fast and effective product to aid in livestock adoption by a natural or adoptive mother.

Whenever a mother rejects a baby, whether it is biologically hers or an orphaned young animal, grafting becomes necessary. It is common for a new mother to reject its own young. This is usually due to inexperience and lack of mothering instinct in a mother who has not given birth before.

The second instance where grafting becomes necessary is when a mother has lost its biological baby and an orphaned baby is given to her. The mother often does not accept the orphaned calf because it is not biologically hers. She will often reject and even harm the calf in order to keep it from feeding.

MotherUp aids a rancher or breeder in grafting an orphaned newborn animal onto a foster mother or else a rejected newborn animal onto its biological mother. Because MotherUp is made with no animal-by products and comes in a convenient spray bottle, it is more pleasant, more consistent, and less messy than traditional methods of grafting.

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