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“I allow myself to hope that the world will emerge from its present troubles, that it will one day learn to give the direction of its affairs not to cruel swindlers and scoundrels but to men possessed of wisdom and courage.”
— Bertrand Russell


Minnesota Twins schedule:
— Friday: at San Francisco, 9:15 p.m.
— Saturday: at San Francisco, 6:15 p.m.
— Sunday: at San Francisco, 3:05 p.m.
— July 20: Milwaukee, 6:10 p.m.
— July 21: Milwaukee, 12:05 p.m.
— July 22: Philadelphia, 6:40 p.m.
— July 23: Philadelphia, 6:40 p.m.
— July 24: Philadelphia, 12:10 p.m.

Oahe Zap: After losing two games to Hastings and four to Casper over the past two weeks, the Zap found an easy touch, the new Bison team, and defeated them three times by scores of 4-3, 15-4 and 8-5. Upcoming games:
— Thursday/Friday: home vs. Bison.
— Monday: home vs. Spearfish.
— July 17-18-19: home vs. Spearfish.
— July 20: at Spearfish.
— July 22-23-24: home vs. Hastings.
— July 25: home vs. Fremont.

Little League baseball: At the East River regional, the teams from the Sioux Falls and Capital City Little Leagues qualified to play in the state tournament, which starts in Rapid City next Thursday, July 18. Thie Capital City all-star team lost to Sioux Falls, 10-0, then beat Huron in an elimination game, 13-2, to advance. A pair of teams from Rapid City’s Little Leagues will also be in the state tournament whose winner goes on to the Midwest Regional at Indianapolis.

Pierre Post 8: The Legion varsity defeated Spearfish, 11-1 and 11-0; lost to Sioux Falls East, 5-1 and 5-04, and defeated Box Elder, 11-2 and 13-3. Through those Sunday games, Post 8 was 6-20 overall and 5-12 against South Dakota teams. After two games against the Rapid City Post 22 Expos last night, Post 8 has this upcoming schedule to finish the regular season:
— Thursday, at Bismarck, 5 and 7 p.m.
— Saturday, home vs. Harrisburg Maroon, 5 and 7 p.m.
— Tuesday, at Sioux Falls West, 3 and 5 p.m.
— July 15, at Brandon Valley, 5 and 7 p.m.
— July 21, at Renner No. 2, 2 p.m., and vs. Yankton (at Renner).

Sioux Falls Canaries (Spencer Sarringar): The Canaries have gone 9-4 in the past two weeks and as of yesterday morning they were still in first place, 1 ½ games ahead of Fargo-Moorhead in the A.A. West Division. Here is how Spencer did in each game:
— W Lincoln 6-2 (0-for-4).
— W Kane County 12-8 (2-for-3, 3 runs scored, 1 walk, 3 RBI on 3-run homer in third inning, also a single).
— L Kane County 13-6 (1-for-3, 1 run, 2 RBI on a sacrifice fly and a triple).
— W Kane County 7-4 (did not play).
— L Chicago 8-4 (0-for-3, 1 walk).
— W Chicago 8-4 (0-for-2, 1 r4un, hit-by-pitch).
— W Chicago 6-0 (did not play).
— W Chicago 9-6 (0-for-3, 1 walk).
— L Lincoln 4-2 (did not play).
— W Lincoln 3-1 (0-for-4).
— W Lincoln 6-1 (did not play).
— W Gary/South Shore 13-1 (3-for-4, 1 walk, 1 run, 1 RBI on first-inning single).
Upcoming schedule:
— Thursday, home vs. Gary/South Shore.
— Friday-Saturday-Sunday, home vs. Winnipeg.
— July 16-17-18, at Cleburne.
— July 19-20-21, at Sioux City.


The band’s concerts start at 8 p.m. Wednesdays at the Steamboat Park amphitheater. These are the last two concerts of the season:
— July 17: “The Force Be With You.”
— July 24: “Broadway Showstoppers.”


4 days: Republican National Convention, Milwaukee (July 15-18).
5 days: Baseball All-Star Game, Arlington, Texas (July 16).
9 days: Hills Alive Christian music festival, Rapid City (July 20-21).
10 days: Baseball Hall of Fame inductions, Cooperstown, N.Y. (July 21).
10 days: “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” at Black Hills Playhouse (July 21-Aug. 4).
15 days: Olympics, Paris (July 26-Aug. 10).
16 days: Oahe Blues Festival (July 27).
22 days: Sturgis motorcycle rally (Aug. 2-11).
22 days: Sioux Empire Fair, Sioux Falls (Aug. 2-10).
28 days: Sully County Fair, Onida (Aug. 8-11).
28 days: State Senior Games, Pierre (Aug. 8-11).
31 days: “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime” at Black Hills Playhouse (Aug. 11-17).
36 days: Central States Fair, Rapid City (Aug. 16-24).
36 days: Pierre soccer openers (Aug. 16).
36 days: Pierre girls tennis opener (Aug. 16).
37 days: BluntFest (Aug. 17).
39 days: Democratic National Convention, Chicago (Aug. 19-22).
39 days: First day of school at Stanley County (Aug. 19).
39 days: Pierre boys golf opener (Aug. 19).
39 days: First day of school at Riggs High (Aug. 19).
40 days: First day of school at Agar-Blunt-Onida (Aug. 20).
41 days: First day of school in Pierre elementary and middle school (Aug. 21).


Thursday: almond.
Friday-Sunday: blackberry.
Monday-Tuesday: peppermint.
Wednesday-Thursday: pineapple.
July 19-21: raspberry cheesecake.
July 22-23: lemon.
July 24-25: coffee.


“I’ve always said this campaign is Scranton vs. Mar-a-Lago.”
— President Biden


  • In light of the U.S. Supreme Court’s immunity ruling that favored Donald Trump two weeks ago, we need to include this quote from one of the three dissenting justices, Associate Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who wrote in the minority opinion, “Moving forward, all former Presidents will be cloaked in immunity. If the occupant of the office misuses official power for personal gain, the criminal law that the rest of us must abide by will not provide a backstop. With fear for our democracy, I dissent.”
  • Today would have been sentencing day for Donald Trump in his hush-money case in New York, but of course that has now been delayed till September. You know we won’t be surprised if he gets away with that and all of the rest of his crimes.


Thursday, July 11:
Ty Falcon, Sarah Frost, Aric Frost, Somer (LaRosh) Garrigan, Father Tom Anderson, Denise Gehring, Taya (Dockter) Runyan, Jackie (Thorson) Richey, Jennifer (Thorson) Nedrebo, Joe Martin, Monty Mancill, Jaime Rutschke, Don Sieck.
— 9th anniversary, Devin/Jessica Rounds.
— 9th anniversary, Matt/Katie (Gordon) Field.
— 9th anniversary, Taylor/LaTora Becker.
— 21st anniversary, Jonathan/Ranelle (Knight) Lueth.
— 21st anniversary, Craig/Tara (Hicks) Knapp.
— 21st anniversary, Kristian/Steph (Vogel) Lund.

Friday, July 12:
Stephen Rae, Marla Mosiman, Hallie Pottorff, Nick Jeanotte, Jason DeWitt, Kelsee (Larsen) Stahl, Mary Jo Johnson, John Lakner, Edward Ford, Leesa (Johnson) Carpenter, Jessica Kuchta-Miller, Sherise (Baumberger) Wittler, Melissa (Stevens) Gibson, Jesse Ahlers, Cailyn Hausmann.
— 10th anniversary, Jacob/Kashia (Axthelm) Shumaker.
— 10th anniversary, Jared/Carrie (Gonsor) Sanderson.
— 27th anniversary, Jon/Joette (Johnson) Nesladek.
— 21st anniversary, David/Jocelyn (Freidel) Ragan.

Saturday, July 13:
Jacob Howard, Renlee Miller, Vicki (Ramse) Blake, Lindsey Buntrock, Dawn (Lamb) Wagner, Cheryl (Cruse) Bailey, Byron Jennings, Aralyn Vogel, Christopher Smith, Tyler Van Zee, Mandee (Prue) Brinkman, Matt Massey, Peggy Meyer, Brandon Nickels.
— 61st anniversary, Mack/Karen (Small) Wyly.
— 11th anniversary, Chris/Angela (DiBenedetto) Smith.
— 19th anniversary, Brian/Jessica (Crompton) Black.
— 11th anniversary, Joshua/Jessica (Callahan) Carr.
— 22nd anniversary, Ryan/Tessa (Heiss) Krueger.

Sunday, July 14:
Andrea Clarke, David Voeltz, Tanner Kost, Garrison Gross, Amanda Engels, Lindsey Coit, Grant Jones, Brenton Crane, Heather (Clausen) Redetzke, Shirley Swanson, Gavin Gran, Kim (Pibal) Mentzedr.
— 12th anniversary, Tom/Brooke Hindman.
— 12th anniversary, Gavin/Samantha (Hestdalen) Van Zee.
— 6th anniversary, Shawn/Rebekah (Hartmann) Hlavacek.
— 51st anniversary, Larry/Mary Jo Johnson.
— 45th anniversary, Dennis/Lynette James.
— 17th anniversary, Chris/Mandee (Prue) Brinkman.

Monday, July 15:
Zach Gilkerson, Brittanie (Blaseg) Rezac, Gina (Schaefer) Ahlers, August Delvo, Daniel Ellenbecker, Ruth Smith, Jennifer Urbach, Jean Mott, Drake Hagen, Joe Prieksat, Haley Hohn, Gloria Merriam, Kylie (Sutton) Knudson, Cindi Menzel.
— 24th anniversary, Chris/Gina (Schaefer) Ahlers.
— 18th anniversary, Joe/ Nikki (Grandpre) Wilson.

Tuesday, July 16:
Ki Weingart, Nikki Hoyme, Ariana Hunt, Hayden Miller, Brenda Stephens, Bob Duncan Jr., Gwen Jockheck, Stephanie Odden, Dorothy Lamb.
— 8th anniversary, Kevin/Kristin (Meagher) Bowen.
— 19th anniversary, Matthew/Melissa (Wernke) Davis.
— 54th anniversary, Mike/Kim (Hazelrigg) Kirley.
— 17th anniversary, Chris/Karen (Van Camp) DeJabet.
— 2nd anniversary, Gregory/Jacque Schaefer.
— 3rd anniversary, Max/Jessie (Chalcraft) Foth.
— 7th anniversary, Kyle/Wren (BIshop) Hollingsworth.

Wednesday, July 17:
Brecken Axlund, Nance Orsbon, Matt Heard, Tony Darger, Chad Snodgrass, Jeremy Unruh, Logan Larsen, Crew Lund, Marilyn Spaid, Stella Hangebrauch, Rachel Wulf, Karen DeAntoni, Hudson Parsons, Simon Gilmore, Austin Gildemaster, Steve Robinson, Pat Prince, Justin Scott, Cliff Curry, Dean Sorenson, Finn Murphy, Chuck Finley/
— 14th anniversary, Austin/Kari Lucas.
— 20th anniversary, Jarrod/Amber (Anderson) Edelen.
— 3rd anniversary, Nick/Jantina Burke.
— 42nd anniversary, Rich/Lori (Smith) Shangreaux.

Thursday, July 18:
Jean Riedy, Ken Jaeger, Julie Welch, Jean Donahue, Amanda Crompton, Jill Burger, Kayleen Stoeser, Jason Kotilnek, Paisley Boyer, Amy Leidholt, Joseph Schrempp, Elizabeth Leidholt, Stine Gundersen, Isla Sarringar, Khloe Spaid, Graham Schuetzle, Dan Baltzell, Matti Shaw, Wyatt Fox.
— 15th anniversary, Jeffery/April (Chicoine) Smith.
— 9th anniversary, Dustin/Laura (Hofer) Gaspar.

Friday, July 19:
Brittney Munyon, David Mackey, J.J. Iverson, Jaime (Snyder) Hamm, Josee Linn, Peter Hodges, Fern Barnett, Andre Sengos, Mike Swenson, Robert Hardwick, Karli (Larsen) Williams.
— 21st anniversary, Tanner/Elana (Hyde) Norman.
— Anniversary, Leonard/Jackie Haggin.

Saturday, July 20:
Karsin Garrigan, James Marie Nold, Jacque Hahn, Damon Thielen, Mary Fifield, Harper Yackley, Michelle Leidholt, Kellie (Englehart) Beck, Molly (Huber) Hausmann, Phil Sheffield, Siri Segrud, Audrey Moodie, Mike Tveit, Carol (Marshall) Crain, Brandi Hahn, Amy LaFave, Chase Bolte, Miranda Tracy, Brandon Swenson, Steven Cronin, Patrick Wellner, Pamela Bonrud, Colton Hanson.
— 17th anniversary, Joe/Lisa Martin.
— 12th anniversary, Tyler/Chelsey Coverdale.
— 50th anniversary, Dennis/Lois Ries.
— 22nd anniversary, Travis/Amber (Osnes) Antholz.
— 17th anniversary, Lance/Megan (Ulmen) Fravel.

Sunday, July 21:
Mandi Wharton, Maclin Hayes Schmidt, Adriane Wegman, Starla Curtis, Bill Stahl, Michelle (Bartel) Chenoweth, Tyrel Larson, Rhett LeBeau, Brayden Stoeser, Ciara Tipton.
— 18th anniversary, Brent/Katie (Lakner) Dill.
— 24th anniversary, Dusty/Jacquelyn (Dyce) Johnson.
— 6th anniversary, Sam/Ashley Leidholt.
— 6th anniversary,, Mike/Charlotte Snyder.

Monday, July 22:
Benjamin Roberts, William Brakke, Mia Schrank, Jon Sailer, Mark Burger, Gayle (Kozel) Evans, Tenley Heiss, Tom Johnson, Jason Schumacher, Don Starr Sr., Dawn (Kilian) Bradley, Ashlee (Roemen) Keyes.
— 7th anniversary, Connor/Michaela (O’Daniel) Landberg.
— 35th anniversary, Leo/Terry Disburg.
— 7th anniversary, Travis/Megan Newling.
— 47th anniversary, Rod/Tawana (Zebroski) Grueb.
— 18th anniversary, Tyler/Megan Bryant.
— 13th anniversary, Brent/Grace Chittum.

Tuesday, July 23:
Kyle Weiger, Adam Spellman, Caleb Currier, Carson Carlisle, Zack Word, Eve Heard, Nick Kruse, Becca (Fossen) Mehlhaff, Janet Penticoff, Jason Sass, Ashley Richter, Mike Mehlhaff, Kylie Nystrom, Kristi (Schultz) Brakke, Ryan Geraets, Jalen Lamb.
— 13th anniversary, Justin/Karli (Larsen) Williams.
— 8th anniversary, Travis/Elizabeth (Lamb) Salmonson.
— 19th anniversary, Jason/Erin Bisbee.
— 30th anniversary, Steven/Maggie Stofferahn.
— 8th anniversary, Michael/Kimmie Bumann.

Wednesday, July 24:
Alexander Flynn, Jon Kotilnek, Chris Bell, Patrick Conway, Grant Hoover, Jon Pier, Carol Pickering, Erin (Ryan) Bush, Barry Jennings, Brecken Fuller, Tate Stoeser.
— 42nd anniversary, Shane/Nancy Mundt.
— 20th anniversary, Chris/Kristina Bauck.
— 25th anniversary, Jason/Wendy (Kaiser) Wulf.
— 14th anniversary, John/Brittney (Kroll) Bergeson.
— 15th anniversary, Joel/Liz (Edman) Stauss.

Thursday, July 25:
Jackie (Kusler) Samuelson, Jon Rapp, Tanna Zabel, Kenzie Clark, Brad Lowery, Chuck Hanson, Heidi (Larson) Shives, Angie Johnson, Zachary Bruzelius, Elizabeth Knutson, Lincoln Wilson, Cole Prunty, Ranae Hoffman, Michaela Bear, Benjamin Jacobson, Kim Stoeser, Diane (Curtis) Nuttall,, Kim Brakke, Cienna Tipton, Clara Ann Watson, Cheyenne Tyree-Ragsdale.
— 14th anniversary, Anthony/Tiana Johnson.
— Anniversary, Travis/Sarah Hendrix.
— 9th anniversary, Tye/Sabrina Johnson.
— 9th anniversary, Chip/Kendell King.
— 9th anniversary, Rhener/Nicole (Loosbrock) Gordon.


“As Governor Noem said, there’s something to learn from every flood, and the people of McCook Lake learned a painful lesson: Neither hell nor high water will stop Kristi Noem from pursuing her own ambition at the expense of the people she serves.”
— Seth Tupper in “South Dakota Searchlight”


Steven and Katelynn Gordon became parents on June 26. Their daughter, Maria Raine, weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces, and measured 20 ½ inches. The Gordons live in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

Tyrone (Ty) Frederick, 34, died in Sioux Falls last Sunday, July 7. His funeral will be at 11 a.m. This Friday, July 12, at First United Methodist Church in Brookings. Visitation will be tonight (Thursday) at the church from 5 to 7 p.m. Born at Pine Ridge, Ty was adopted into the home of Lynn and Mary Frederick, joining big brother Luke in the family. He graduated from Brookings High School in 2008. He participated in soccer, basketball, track and cross country and had a passion for country music. Ty joined the National Guard, underwent basic training and advanced individual training and served for six years in the reserves for the 115th Signal Corps based in Brookings. In January of this year Ty met Abby Lorenz while he was working at World Wide Flight Service in Sioux Falls. Last Friday after his admittance to McKennan Hospital, he proposed to Abby. On Saturday a new medicine to treat the kidney and liver disease that had overtaken his body was tried, but it was not effective, and Ty was released into hospice care. On Sunday Ty and Abby were married in a simple ceremony attended by family members and close friends. Less than three hours later, Ty passed away. He is survived by his wife, Abby Lorenz; his parents, Lynn and Mary Frederick of Sioux Falls; his brother, Luke (Kate) Frederick of Sioux Falls and their two children; his parents-in-law, Paul and Joan Lorenz of Mount Vernon, Ill.; his sister, Stephanie Wince, and his brother, Francis Long, of Alliance, Neb.; another brother, Leighton Long of Rapid City, and many other relatives.

Marjorie Holstein of Early, Iowa, died June 13. A celebration of her life is planned for next May 2025 in Early. She moved to Fort Pierre in 2023 to be closer to her daughter and son-in-law. She is survived by her daughter, Lee Andrea (Ron) Calkins; four grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and other relatives.

Jennifer Lowery, whose husband is Pierre native Brian Lowery (Riggs ’97), was featured in the summer edition of The South Dakotan, the magazine of the University of South Dakota. The former Jennifer Nebelsick of Huron earned a bachelor’s degree from Dakota Wesleyan and a master’s from Nebraska-Lincoln. After teaching math at Aberdeen Central for six years, she joined the Tea Area School District as principal and curriculum director in 2011. She soon was promoted to interim superintendent, and that became a permanent position. She was district superintendent at the age of 29. In her 10+ years as superintendent, the district enrollment at Tea has increased by a thousand students, and 78 additional classrooms were built. They are now doubling the size of their high school building. Brian and Jennifer, whose father and grandfather were also educators, have three children—a high school sophomore and two younger children. Jennifer said in the magazine article, “The purpose of my life is to pay it forward for others to be their best self and to model servant leadership for my children and community.”

Pierre native Wendy Birhanzel, who is superintendent of the Harrison Two school district in Colorado Springs, is one of 75 superintendents from around the country who are spending this week in Washington, D.C., advocating in Congress for students, educators and public education.

Josie Slaathaug, a native of Pierre, was featured this week in a piece of KELO-TV. She pursued a four-year bachelor of science degree in marine biology, studying gray whales. Now she is doing research identifying gray whales by photos in the San Francisco Bay area. Josie has looked at 17,000 photos of gray whales dating back to 2018, looking for the different markings the whales have. She plans to go for a master’s degree in whale research next for two years, then work toward her Ph.D. degree.

Rob Wylie was appointed to serve as the new chair of the Avera St. Mary’s Hospital board of directors. The former executive director of the South Dakota Retirement System, Rob has been on the St. Mary’s board for three years. (News courtesy of KCCR Radio)

Our sympathy to Stephen and Katie Bollinger on the sudden death of her father, Jerry Barnett, while on vacation in Colorado.

Kayla (Pochop) Riswold has finished her medical training, and she and her husband, Aaron, are coming home to South Dakota from Pennsylvania now that she can begin practicing. She will be splitting her time between Avera Dermatology in Sioux Falls and Physicians’ Laboratory for Dermatopathology.

Bob Smith, 80, died of cancer June 28 at Maryhouse. He grew up in the family of Milo H. And Ruth Smith in Pierre. He became a cowboy with Uncle Bill and Aunt Maddie Fratzke on the Korkow ranch. He graduated from Riggs High School in 1962. Bob was married to Denise Thompson for 14 years, and they had two sons. Bob worked on ranches, for the Department of Transportation as a surveyor/inspector, for Johnson Bros. Construction as a bookkeeper, at his own RL’s Yard Service and for his own Smith’s Fire Extinguisher Sales & Service. Bob was a volunteer fireman, an avid archery enthusiast and a lawn care fanatic. He is survived by his sons, David (Paula) Smith and Derryl (Kelly) Smith; four grandchildren; four great-grandchildren, and two brothers, Jerry (Mary Lou) Smith and Conrad (Lora) Smith. Among those who preceded him in death were his father, Milo H. Smith; his mother, Ruth Smith Hanigan; his stepfather, Robert Hanigan, and his siblings, Marjorie, Maxine, Milo and Kenny.

Nick Gray, who spent most of his school years in Pierre, is now at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, N.Y., for his first year there. Nick graduated from O’Gorman High School in Sioux Falls.

The Pierre school board reorganized for the new school year at its meeting Monday. Joan Adam was elected chairman of the board, and Dan Cronin is the vice chairman. The district’s new business manager, Travis Dovre, is now at work in his new position.

Alta Gaarder, who taught third grade in Fort Pierre for 20 years, died at the age of 90 at Good Samaritan Village in Sioux Falls June 27. A memorial service is being held at 2:00 today (Thursday) at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls. The daughter of Abraham and Chris Priestbye was raised near Kalispell, Mont., on the farm homesteaded by her paternal grandparents after they emigrated from Norway in the 1880s. She attended Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, Wash.,, earning an elementary education degree in 1955. She taught for a year in Kalispell, then married her college sweetheart, Don Gaarder, who was attending Luther Theological Seminary in St. Paul, in 1956. Alta taught in Minneapolis and in Ottawa, Ill. The family moved to Grenora, N.D., where Don served three churches. In 1966 they moved to Britton where he served a two-church parish. In 1979 the Gaarders came to Pierre where Alta taught in Fort Pierre and Don pastored Lutheran Memorial Church as well as Grace Lutheran Church at Hayes. Alta was an avid quilter and gardener over the years. In 2017 Don and Alta moved to Sioux Falls to be closer to family members and health resources. While in Sioux Falls she continued her knitting, making more than 100 prayer shawls for the Sanford Health prayer shawl ministry. She is survived by her husband of almost 68 years, Don Gaarder; her daughter Sonia (Randy) Bury, and their two sons; her daughter, Karla; her son, Michael (Mindy) Gaarder, and their two sons; a sister-in-law, Inez Gaarder, and many nephews and nieces. Among those who preceded her in death were an infant son, Daryl; a grandson, Christopher, and a son-in-law, Paul Wiessner.

Paul Williams is one of two of this year’s inductees into the South Dakota Tennis Hall of Fame. The induction will take place at 11 a.m. July 20 at the McKennan Park courts in Sioux Falls. A five-time high school state champion with the Governors (one singles title, two doubles titles and two team titles), he was also a college tennis player and has continued to play into adulthood. He has coached at the high school and college levels and currently is a high school tennis coach in Mankato, Minn. Already in the South Dakota Tennis Hall of Fame from Pierre are the late Phil Trautner, who was head coach of the Governors for many years, and Paul’s high school teammate, Mike Trautner.

We welcome to Pierre the new assistant executive director of the South Dakota High School Activities Association in charge of girls’ athletics, Kristina Sage. She replaces Jo Auch, who has retired after 16 years with the SDHSAA. Kristina has worked in the Freeman school district for 35 years and has been its activities director since 2017. She went to high school at Montrose at a time when there was little athletic activity in which girls could participate, and she attended Dakota Wesleyan University.

Patricia (Pat) Karber, 73, died July 6 after battling cancer. Visitation will be from 5 to 7 p.m. This Friday, July 12, at the Isburg Funeral Chapel. The funeral will be at 10 a.m. Saturday at Isburg’s. Pat graduated from Emery High School in 1969. She married Jack Karber in 1973, and they raised six children. They left the family farm in 1985 and moved to Pierre. Pat worked in daycare for a time, then became a “school lunch lady.” She retired from Wegner Auto Company in 2014. She is survived by her husband, Jack Karber; her children, Jason (Ali), Jody, Jamie (Laina), Paula (Shad), Paul (Mandy) and Phil (Kari); 12 grandchildren; four stepchildren; her brothers, Terry (Cindy) Hanssen and Gene (Kim) Hanssen, and many nephews and nieces. Among those who preceded her in death were her daughter-in-law, Danielle Karber; two grandchildren, her parents and her in-laws.


“There’s no real hope that either candidate can unify the country. But on that silent debate stage, with no audience, no fact-checking and scant moderation from CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, their joint appearance made a far more frightening case for the risks facing the country than either managed to make alone.”
—- Lili Loofbourow in The Washington Post


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