Vol. 20, No. 38; Thursday, June 27, 2024

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Great minds think alike. Unfortunately so do stupid ones.


Minnesota Twins schedule:
— Thursday, at Arizona, 2:40 p.m.
— Friday, at Seattle, 8:40 p.m.
— Saturday, at Seattle, 9:10 p.m.
— Sunday, at Seattle, 3:10 p.m.
— Tuesday, Detroit, 6:40 p.m.
— Wednesday, Detroit, 7:10 p.m.
— July 4, Detroit, 1:10 p.m.
— July 5, Houston, 7:10 p.m.
— July 6, Houston, 1:10 p.m.
— July 7, Houston, 1:10 p.m.
— July 8, at Chicago White Sox, 7:10 p.m.
— July 9, at Chicago White Sox, 7:10 p.m.
— July 10, at Chicago White Sox, 1:10 p.m.

Pierre Post 8 results in the past two weeks:
L Fort Calhoun, Neb., 7-6.
L Harrisburg Gold, 12-4.
L West Fargo, N.D., 11-7.
L Bennington, Neb., 6-2.
L Aberdeen, 8-0.
L Aberdeen, 7-2.
L Mandan, N.D.
L South Central.
W Glendive, Mont., 13-13.
L Minot, N.D., 11-2.
— Upcoming games:
July 2, home vs. Spearfish, 3 and 5 p.m.
July 7, home vs. Box Elder, 2 and 4 p.m.
July 10, home vs. Rapid City Post 22 Expos.

Oahe Zap results in the past two weeks: The Zap had an 11-game losing streak going but finally broke it when they took two of three games from Spearfish. Then the Zap lost two to Casper and won two over the Plainsmen.
— Upcoming games:
Thursday/Friday/Saturday: home vs. Casper.
Saturday/Sunday: home vs. Hastings.
Tuesday/Wednesday: at Casper.
July 4-5-6: home vs. the Bison.

Sioux Falls Canaries (Spencer Sarringar): Through yesterday morning, the Canaries had climbed into a first-place tie with Fargo-Moorhead in the American Association’s West Division with a 23-15 record. Here is how Spencer did in recent games:
— L Kansas City, 10-5 (0-for-3, one walk).
— L Fargo-Moorhead, 7-1 (did not play).
— W Fargo-Moorhead, 4-3 (did not play).
— L Fargo-Moorhead, 11-7 (2-for-2, three walks, one run, one RBI on two doubles).
— L Chicago, 7-5 (1-for-3, scored tying run in a five-run seventh).
— W Chicago, 7-1 (did not play).
— W Sioux City, 6-3 (1-for-5).
— W Sioux City, 3-2 (did not play).
— L Sioux City, 7-6 (1-for-4, one walk).
— W Lincoln, 3-2 (2-for-4).
— Upcoming games:
Thursday: home vs. Lincoln.
Friday/Saturday/Sunday: home vs. Kane County.
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday: at Chicago.
July 5-6-7-8: at Lincoln.
July 9-10-11: home vs. Gary/South Shore.


The band’s regular concerts are at 8 p.m. Wednesdays at the Steamboat Park amphitheater. However, the July 4 concert will begin at 9 p.m. Thursday, July 4. Upcoming concert themes:
— July 4: “Let Freedom Ring.”
— July 10: “Christmas in July.”


3 days: “The Little Mermaid” at Black Hills Playhouse (June 30-July 14).
7 days: Independence Day (July 4).
14 days: Donald Trump sentencing (July 11).
18 days: Republican National Convention, Milwaukee (July 15-18).
19 days: Baseball All-Star Game, Arlington, Texas (July 16).
22 days: Hills Alive Christian music festival, Rapid City (July 19-21).
24 days: Baseball Hall of Fame inductions, Cooperstown, N.Y. (July 21).
24 days: “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas” at Black Hills Playhouse (July 21-Aug. 4).
29 days: Olympics, Paris (July 26-Aug. 11).
30 days: Oahe Blues Festival (July 27).
36 days: Sturgis motorcycle rally (Aug. 2-11).
42 days: State Senior Games (Aug. 8-11).


When you have a friend who is going through a personal storm, instead of being the weatherman and spreading the news, try being an umbrella and cover them with love.


Thursday: coconut.
Friday-Sunday: black cherry.


  • The first of this year’s two scheduled debates between President Biden and Donald Trump is tonight (Thursday) at 8 p.m. CDT on CNN, PBS and CBS for sure and probably the other networks as well.
  • It is interesting to hear that plans are in the works for a new highway, Interstate 27, to run from Canada to Texas, coming down from Canada through Williston, Belfield and Bowman in North Dakota, to Rapid City, down to Scottsbluff, Neb., and on south past Limon, Colo., and Amarillo to end at Laredo, Texas. No dates for construction of I-27 have been announced.
  • If you are in the Black Hills area or headed this way, take note of this: The 13-piece Brass in Blue, an ensemble out of the U.S. Air Force’s Heartland of America Band, will play three concerts next week:
    – Tuesday, July 2, 7 p.m., Main Street Square in downtown Rapid City.
    – Wednesday, July 3, 8:15 p.m., Mount Rushmore National Memorial.
    – Thursday, July 4, 7:30 p.m., Mount Rushmore National Memorial.
  • Mark your calendars. Riggs High’s homecoming day is Sept. 27, so the parade will be earlier that week some time.
  • Speaking of Riggs High activities, the Governors’ football schedule is concerning to me. Granted we are spoiled after seven straight years of state championships, so we assume the Govs will be outstandingly good again this coming fall. But no Mitchell game? Pierre and Mitchell should play EVERY year! And no Tea Area game? The Govs should get to play the best program in Class 11AA EVERY year, too! I am wondering what having Spearfish, Sturgis and Douglas all on our schedule, instead of teams sure to have winning records, will do to Pierre’s seed points, perhaps forcing the Govs to go on the road for some playoff games if they are as successful as we assume they will be.
  • All of the Pierre fall sports schedules can be found at the bottom of this Midweek Update. Get out your calendars and plan your travels accordingly!


Thursday, June 27:
Byron Reed, Craig Keller, Jenna Nielsen, Carrie Messer, Kannon Lamb, Keith Weigandt, Heidi Vogel, Brian Dozark, Justin Kraemer, Willard St. Claire.
— 9th anniversary, Michael/Sarah Jo (Even) Tveidt.
— 43rd anniversary, Jerry/Jo Mikkelsen.
— 15th anniversary, Jafar/Jessica Karim.
— 15th anniversary, Darin/Heather Noyes.
— 21st anniversary, Corey/Tiffany (Winkler) Carr.
— 54th anniversary, John/Roberta Lovald.
— We fondly remember Gordy Van Ash on his birthday.

Friday, June 28:
Torin Coolidge, Brendan Newman, Hilary Gray, Leah Ahartz, Kari Porch, Kathryn Rich, Pam Wenbourne, Brent Sutton, Derrick Haskins, Clayton Colson, Kathy Sarvis, Spencer Wedin, Amanda Fredericksen, Samantha Bahe, Trey Johnson, Fran Welch (#94), Zach Kinsman, Marcia Mentele, Cole Uecker, McKayla Kirkpatrick, Addison Van Houten, Nick Formanek, Brooke (Drewes) Dozark.
— 16th anniversary, Michael/Heather Herman.
— 10th anniversary, Zach/Alisha Kemink.
— 11th anniversary, Cody/Aimee (Vogel) Van Houten.
— 27th anniversary, Cory/Dawn (Henderson) Holmes.
— 60th anniversary, Bob/Janet Judson.
— 60th anniversary, Arden/Judy Rapp.
— 10th anniversary, Matt/Allison Englund.
— Anniversary, Monni/Karen Karim.
— 27th anniversary, Eric/Julie (Shangreaux) Sibson.

Saturday, June 29:
Laurie (Koehn) Gilman, Leo Storms, Corbin Heiss, Addison Eisenbeisz, Jessica (Wilson) Bosma, Scott Rislov, Mya Parsons, Mike Clegg, Daphne Jones, Tyler Smith, Matt Joens, Hudson Stoeser, Quinn Palmer, Craig Dilley, Esther Barnes, Aaron Denton, Mark Knudson.
— 28th anniversary, Todd/Roberta Peterson.
— 50th anniversary, Don/Darla (Pollman) Rogers.
— 50th anniversary, Jay/Beverly Mickelson.
— 11th anniversary, Chris/Tracy (Shangreaux) Boom.
— 22nd anniversary, Troy/Kristina (Buxcel) Fredde.
— 11th anniversary, Josh/Alana Breske.
— 11th anniversary, Bryon/Karen (Engbrecht) Reiser.
— 11th anniversary, James/Mandy (Jung) Moisan.
— 6th anniversary, Jack/Eileen (Leong) Markel.
— 5th anniversary, Cody/Kashia (Axthelm) Rosenau.

Sunday, June 30:
Chris Williams, Sequoyah Chavez, Melita Hauge, Laurie Gill, Wesley Huxford, Ross Wright, Dylan Nielsen, June Hansen, Taylor Anderson, Parker Merriam, Arick Graham, Trait Thorne, Greg Adams, Raury Cruse, Maggie Thorne, Zane Erickson, Deryn Beck, Phyllis (Bollweg) Perkovich, Lillian Bell.
— 18th anniversary, Derek/Michelle Hunsley.
— 12th anniversary, Tyler/Jill Merriam.
— 17th anniversary, Josh/Katie (Shoup) Nebelsick.
— 17th anniversary, Ty/Cathy (Comes) Richter.
— 6th anniversary, Blake/Nicole Simon.
— 34th anniversary, Revi/Kea (Boyd) Warne.

Monday, July 1:
Ryan Hansen, Nadine Kepford, Quinn Reimers, Trevor Samuelson, Catie Schroeder, Nathan Dryden, Dennis Ries, Cathy (Comes) Richter, Hazel Leidholt, Eleanor Berghorst, Jodi Hartmann, Owen LeBeau, Reese Richardson, Crystal Dvorak, Misty (Keller) Skinner,, Beckett Larson, Joseph Nebelsick.
— 19th anniversary, Jeremy/Amy Webb.
— 19th anniversary, Justin/Shauna (Claussen) Diedrich.
— 62nd anniversary, Ron/Marlys Mullivan.

Tuesday, July 2:
Ashlie Tisland, Grace Kachelmyer, Sandi (Hindman) Laird, Linda Steele, Eric Juhala, Luke Edwards, Kellie Parker, Kelly Mikkelsen, Matt Clark, Taylor (Smalley) Cordingly, Heather (Nuttall) Westover, Gerry Barnes-Baucom.
— 5th anniversary, Drew/Heather Osnes.
— 13th anniversary, Jeff/Kim Marso.
— 13th anniversary, Dan/Susan (Gregory) Walker.
— 8th anniversary, Devin/Laranda Bruns.
— 8th anniversary, Chad/Andrea (Bartel) Sharkey.
— 19th anniversary, Chris/Aftin (Riehle) Eich.

Wednesday, July 3:
Trace Franks, Judy Perry, Mike Dierks, Dana Martin-Hess, Bethanna (Feist) Baloun, Walker Jacob, Ryan Bear, Chip King, Rick Dockter, Claire (Garry) Peschong, Jenah Feiler, Dave Sayler, Craig Schochenmaier, T.J. Gabriel, Jody Ryland, Josh Etherington, Ally (Kraemer) Formanek.
— 8th anniversary, Aaron/Erin Bumann.
— 3rd anniversary, Chris/Casey Markley.
— 56th anniversary, Roger/Jean Easland.
— 53rd anniversary, Jerry/Eileen Krom.
— 15th anniversary, Nathan/Carrie (Schlaak) Barnes.

Thursday, July 4:
Joshua Dutt, Dax Salmonson, Zach Clark, Peggy Huber, Jason Bucholz, Aurora Zakahi, Shalista (Wendt) Anderson.
— 15th anniversary, John/Annie (Fuller) BonneCarre.
— Anniversary, Scott/Gina (Kotilnek) Hickenbotham.

Friday, July 5:
Terry Fisher, Marina (Baltzell) Rawls, Sarah (Hawkins) Pekarski, Billy Beesley, Jim Telford, Kayla (Johnson) Koob, Kyle Richards, Amber (Anderson) Edelen, Jason Bisbee, Jessica Anderson, Dylan Workman, Devin Kampfe, Morgan Shaffer, Angelica Laskey.
— 49th anniversary, Chuck/Susan Quinn.
— 10th anniversary, Jeff/Kristin (Rau) Hayward.
— 22nd anniversary, Bill/Jamie (Breske) McEntaffer.
— 22nd anniversary, Joe/Julia (Guhin) Yach.
— 16th anniversary, Pat/Sara (Tillman) Anderson.
— 21st anniversary, Chris/Lindsay (Peitz) Rounds.
— 10th anniversary, Trent/Linsey (Peterson) Robbins.

Saturday, July 6:
Tynell Grant, Jude Nill, Clara Marsh, Ericka Williams, Tyler Johnson, Jolene Kern, Michael Buhl, Dalton Blair, Blake Simon, Isaiah Grant, Ella Durick, Jon Ellenbecker, Winney Belle Denton, Jessica (Melvin) Moore.
— 22nd anniversary, Jayson/Jennifer (Thorson) Nedrebo.
— 11th anniversary, Steve/Becky (Markley) Wosick.
— 12th anniversary, Nathan/Catherine Chicoine.
— 11th anniversary, Will/Jenna (Deutscher) Hansen.

Sunday, July 7:
Marylinn Baker, Austin Christopherson, Michelle Moreno, Chelsea (Neuhauser) Hoy, Derald Gross, Kris Monroe, Lucas Solberg, Crayton Bouchie, Jessica Nicholas, Kirk Albertson, Derek Newcomb, Brydon Denton.
— 7th anniversary, Zach/Christina Merrill.
— 6th anniversary, Matt/Korie Tetzlaff.
— 12th anniversary, Jared/Courtney (Thompson) Geigle.
— 34th anniversary, Jeff/Gea (Gjesdal) Eckhoff.
— 17th anniversary, Darin/Molly (Huber) Hausmann.
— 17th anniversary, James/Audra (Meyer) Cardwell.
— 12th anniversary, Austin/Kristy Unruh.

Monday, July 8:
Jaden Griese, Traci Corcoran, Rachel (Propst) Auch, A.J. Domeyer, Henry Clegg, Paul Denton, Kolton Knox, Bret Graves, Megan (Snow) Fischer, Cooper Stoeser, Angie Bishop, Jeannette Schipper, Kayla Gabriel, Kaelyn Konechne.
— 7th anniversary, Cole/Sierra Oakley.
— 18th anniversary, Joe/Beth Stolp.

Tuesday, July 9:
Adeline Bollinger, Michael Hanson, Andrea Johnson, Thomas Butler, Ryan Mikkelsen, Allen Geuther, Liz Markley, Maurya Petrick, Drew Palmer, Trigg Townsend, Bryan Adams, Carol Carney, Bryan Adams, Matt Tetzlaff, Nick Nuttall.
— 2nd anniversary, Eric./Amanda Hillestad.
— 13th anniversary, Darrin/Anna (Schreiner) Galinat.
— 13th anniversary, Dylan/Susan (Zabel) Dowling.
— 63rd anniversary, David/Judy Perry.
— 20th anniversary, Jon/Christian (Zellmer) Nath.
— 8th anniversary, Shawn/Whitney (Stoeser) Schnabel.
— 13th anniversary, Paul/Amy (Hyde-Petersen) Kolb.
— 36th anniversary, Clark/Jayne (Knox) Kraemer.

Wednesday, July 10:
Tenley Hipple, Christian Petrick, Shad Ludemann, Julie Jeffries, Kennen Barber-Ensz, Lukus Leidholt, Lynne Reuter, Adam Reiss, Shane Hillmer, Casey Crawford, Brad Wire, Jill (Storsteen) Weber.
— 48th anniversary, Jim/Rosa Iverson.
— 12th anniversary, Steve/Angela (Voeltz) Lang.
— 20th anniversary, Chris/Molly (Weisgram( Maxwell.
— 20th anniversary, Brandon/Crystal Lowery.
— 20th anniversary, Scott/Laura Carbonneau.

Thursday, July 11:
Sarah Frost, Ty Falcon, Aric Frost, Somer (LaRosh) Garrigan, Father Tom Anderson, Denise Gehring, Lewis Hachmeister, Jaime Rutschke, Joe Martin, Don Sieck, Jennifer (Thorson) Nedrebo, Jackie (Thorson) Richey, Taya (Dockter) Runyan, Monty Mancill.
— 9th anniversary, Devin/Jessica Rounds.
— 9th anniversary, Matt/Katie (Gordon) Field.
— 9th anniversary, Taylor/LaTora Becker.
— 21st anniversary, Kristian/Steph (Vogel) Lund.
— 21st anniversary, Craig/Tara (Hicks) Knapp.
— 21st anniversary, Jonathan/Ranelle (Knight) Lueth.


Be the reason someone feels welcomed, seen, heard, valued, loved and supported.


Another reminder: Auditions for roles in “She Kills Monsters,” the September show by Pierre Players, are set for Monday, July 8, at Grand Opera House. Three males and six females are required for this play. For further information contact director Lydia Kanz or assistant director Tyson Nafus.

Jay and Beverly Mickelson are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary this weekend with a musical concert at 3:30 p.m. this Saturday, June 29, at First United Methodist Church presented by their children, Allison and Drew, and friends. You are invited!

Bob Mitchell, 77, died June 18 at Bethesda Nursing Home in Webster. His funeral took place Tuesday at Ss. Peter & Paul Catholic Church. Burial was at Pleasant Hill Cemetery at Blunt. Bob graduated from Blunt High School in the late 1960s and went on to pursue his passion for rodeos and raising horses. He married Patti Sowards, and they had four children. He is survived by his ex-wife; his children, Ronnie, Dallas, Dusty (Christen) and Bobbie Ann; nine grandchildren; five brothers; two sisters, and special friends the Johnny Holloway and John Gillis families.

Clay and Karen (Fossen) Cudmore have received the Hometown Hero Award from the South Dakota Community Foundation for “generosity in providing resources to enhance the quality of life in their community.” Clay is chief financial and administrative officer for the Foundation. He has been with the SDCF since 2011.

Congratulations to Michael Lusk and Halle Gronlund whose wedding is taking place this weekend.

Jeremy Chicoine has been named Region 6 High School Principal of the Year. He has been in the Agar-Blunt-Onida district for 23 years and for the past 12 years has been the Sully Buttes middle school/high school principal. Starting in July he will be both superintendent and high school principal.

Gordon Van Ash, 92, died in Sioux Falls June 14. Mass of Christian Burial was held June 21 at Ss. Peter & Paul Catholic Church in Pierre. Gordy was born on the family farm near Larchwood, Iowa. As a young man he worked for area farmers there and as caretaker of the local Catholic church. He began his plumbing business in Larchwood. He married Lois Healy in 1953. Gordy came to Pierre to “test the waters” in 1960, and a year later his wife and family joined him. He worked for Magee’s Plumbing and Oahe Plumbing and Heating until opening his own Gordy’s Plumbing business. He retired at the age of 81. He was also an avid fisherman and Moose Lodge member. His wife died in 2019. Gordy is survived by five of his seven children, Theresa (Jim) Phelps, Gordon (Patty Watkins) Van Ash Jr., Mary (Robert) Zishka, Anna (Robert) Truax, and Garry (Dawn Davis) Van Ash. Daughter Jeanne died in 1980, and son Gregg died in 1999. He is also survived by 12 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren, five great-great-grandchildren, two sisters, three sisters-in-law, and many other relatives.

Andrew Berreth, still with the U..S. Army, has relocated to Portland, Ore., where he is working with the Army Corps of Engineers on infrastructure on the waterways. Andrew just left his second round of time with the 82nd Airborne at Fort Liberty in North Carolina. Andrew and his wife took their two daughters—Sara-Claire, 11, and Charlotte, 9—to Portland with them, and their son A.J., who just graduated from high school, remained in North Carolina.

North Dakota State student Grey Zabel is spending the summer as a second-year intern with Nutrition Ag Solutions at its Mapleton, N.D., location. After graduation, he says, he will start his career as a farmer and a sales agronomist.

Following the Democratic state convention earlier this month, we now have a three-way contest on the general election ballots on Nov. 5 for a member of the state Public Utilities Commission. On the ballot will be incumbent Kristie Feigen, Republican; Gideon Oakes, Libertarian, and Forrest Wilson, Democrat. Wilson is director of the Boys and Girls Club of Lead/Deadwood and a former employee of the state Department of Labor and Regulation.

Pierre native Dr. Abraham Kanz is the new director of conservation research at Crane Trust in Wood River, Neb., near Grand Island. Abe had partnered with Crane Trust during his Ph.D. Research on wet meadow habitat at Oklahoma State University. Abe and his girlfriend, Alex Hillestad, were at OSU in Stillwater for three years while he finished his Ph.D. She is still a nurse at Stillwater Surgery Center and plans to join Abe in Nebraska at the end of July.

Ben Gloe, promoted to sergeant major in the U.S. Army earlier this month, will remain at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas, to assume the role as the command career counselor for the 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command. Ben says he owes the Army for at least three more years. He has been in the service for more than 20 years now. He recalls his original intention was to serve for four years to get some money for college and then leave the Army.

Mike Hackett died June 4 in New Mexico after a battle with cancer. A celebration of his life will be held at a later date. The son of Betty Keller and Louis “Bud” Hackett was the oldest of their four boys. He excelled in basketball at Stanley County High School, graduating in 1972. He attended the School of Mines, Yankton College and Black Hills State. In 1978 Mike was married to Halona Hall, and they had three children—Chev, Candace and Courtney. He later married Elaine Amos, and they had a daughter, Tracy. Mike worked for Pierre Indian Learning Center and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. He was proud of his Native American heritage and was a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe. He is survived by his four children, grandchildren, brothers and special friend Cathy Runkle.

Kate Boyd’s grandson, Griffin Malone, and his fellow members of the Minnesota Boys Choir sang the national anthem at the Minnesota Twins-Oakland game June 16, and Kate was there to enjoy it. Griffin’s mom is Kate’s daughter, Kimberly (Bartels) Malone.

The Oahe Softball Hall of Fame inducted Terry Keller and Sherry Lappe on June 22.

Pierre Post 8 baseball presented its annual Hometown Hero Award to the Lawn Chair Gang last weekend. This group of loyal fans traditionally have parked their lawn chairs atop the first-base bleachers at Hyde Stadium and enjoyed the baseball from there. Original members of the Gang are Gill Hedman, Rich Shangreaux, Dave Hanson, Todd Oligmueller, Skip Kurth, Nick Lumby, Scott Jones, Rick Merriam, Joe Krier and Bob Judson. Others honored as newer members of the Gang were John Burchill, Jim Pollock, Dave Ruhnke, Doug Iverson, Daryl Walz, Deb Schiefelbein, Sue West, Tom Gilsrud, Steve Bumann, Elton Blemaster, John Bucholz, Mark Sweetman, Brad Urbach, Rich Doyle, Fred Lillibridge, Monte Bechtold, Tom Rounds, Rod Stoeser, Brad Schiefelbein, Bob Lowery, Paul Marso, Terry Erickson, Mike Oakland and Craig Bump.

Mike Pietz, 59, died June 11 at the hospital in Chamberlain after suffering a massive heart attack while traveling to Sioux Falls. His funeral was held June 18 at Lutheran Memorial Church. Mike grew up in Aberdeen where he played basketball, baseball, golf and softball. He attended Central High School, played baseball at Northern State and earned a degree in recreation and coaching. For years he played amateur baseball, softball and golf in Aberdeen and Pierre. Mike worked with People First across the state, for many years with OAHE Inc. and for the last 30 years as the behavior management specialist at Pierre Indian Learning Center. He married Veronica Connolly in 1998, and they had two children. Mike is survived by his daughter, Peyton (Levi) Stoltenburg; his son, Parker Pietz; his mother, LaVaughn Pietz; his sister, Marcia (Jon) Zwanziger; two nephews and two great-nieces.

Greyson Schuetzle, who just graduated from Riggs High School, has signed a letter of intent to attend Northern State University and participate in track and field with the Wolves.

At the state high school rodeo finals in Fort Pierre, Ryen Sheppick of Pierre won first place in three events—breakaway roping, girls cutting and reined cow/horse. Makenzie Wheelhouse was third in barrel racing and seventh in goat tying. Tristan Spencer placed 15th in steer wrestling and 10th in tie-down. Gabriyelle Irving was eighth in barrel racing. Taylyn Cass placed 16th in goat tying, Chesley Clair 18th in goat tying and Walker West 12th in boys cutting. Among contestants from Blunt, Paden Belkham won the tie-down event, and Talon Yellow Hawk was second in bareback riding and sixth in bull riding.

Kayleen (Wyly) Fulton, 59, St. Lawrence, died June 17 following a long battle with cancer. Her funeral took place at the Miller Community Center June 24. The daughter of Mack and Karen (Small) Wyly graduated from Stanley County High School in 1983. She earned a teaching degree from Northern State University in 1986. She taught fourth grade at Buchanan Elementary School in Pierre for eight years. Kayleen married Paul Fulton in 1994, and they raised four children. She spent many hours cooking for the Fulton Ranch crews, and she loved being part of the rodeo circuit family. She was a co-founder of the Miller Mothers of Pre-Schoolers (MOPS) program. She is survived by her husband, Paul Fulton; her son, Wyatt (Haley) Fulton; her daughters, Mackayln (Caleb) Brandt and Jenna Fulton; her parents, Mack and Karen Wyly; her brother, Kyle (Anita) Wyly; her sisters, Tomi Kay (Jeff) Weinheimer and Tracy (Jarrod) Henrich; Paul’s family members; 21 nephews and nieces, and 11 great-nephews and nieces. Among those who preceded her in death were her son, Dylan Fulton, and many other relatives.

Class of ’94 friends Ryan Parker Knox of Tucson, Ariz., and Dr. Scott Kennedy of Spearfish met in the Bay Area last weekend for baseball and sightseeing. On Sunday they saw the Twins win 3-0 at Oakland. The A’s have long been one of Scott’s favorite teams. Then on Monday night they were across the bay to see the Cubs, Ryan’s life-long favorite team, take on the Giants. All was well into the bottom of the ninth inning when the Giants scored three times to win 5-4.

A farewell open house for Pastor Jeff and Wanda (Ping) Adel will be held at the Phoenix Center in Onida this Saturday from 2 to 4 p.m., including a program at 3 p.m. Jeff, pastor of the United Methodist churches in Onida and Gettysburg, is retiring.

Roxanne Heezen, finance officer for the city of Fort Pierre, has been named Finance Officer of the Year by the South Dakota Governmental Finance Officers Association.

Darlene Stampe, 91, died June 22 at Edgewood Senior Living Center in Pierre. Her funeral is taking place this (Thursday) morning at New Life Assembly of God at 10 a.m., preceded by visitation from 9 to 10. Darlene grew up at Junius, S.D., and attended General Beadle High School in Madison, graduating in 1950. She attended General Beadle State Teachers College for a year and worked for five years at a bank. In 1953 she married Gene Stampe, who then was drafted into military service for two years. In 1956 the Stampes moved to western Sully County. Darlene worked at The Onida Bank as a secretary. As their family grew, Darlene eventually decided to stay at home to raise her children. After they were grown, she worked in Onida at the Sully County Library where she was a fixture for 25 years until retiring in 1999. In 2014 she moved into Pierre for health reasons. Darlene is survived by her husband, Gene Stampe; her children, Scott (Mary) Stampe of Spearfish, Tim (Melanie) Stampe of Pierre, and Jamie (Jody) Stampe of Rapid City; nine grandchildren; two step-grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren. She was preceded in death by her parents and her daughter, Cindy Keitch.


People don’t defend what is right any more. They defend whom they like.


Aug. 30: at Aberdeen Central.
Sept. 6: home vs. Huron.
Sept. 13: home vs. Watertown.
Sept. 20: at Brookings.
Sept. 27: home vs. Yankton.
Oct. 4: home vs. Sioux Falls O’Gorman.
Oct. 11: at Sturgis.
Oct. 18: home vs. Spearfish.
Oct. 24 (Thursday): at Douglas.
Nov. 1: quarterfinals.
Nov. 8: semifinals.
Nov. 15: state championship game, Vermillion.

Aug. 19: at Brandon Valley invitational.
Aug. 20: at Sioux Falls Washington invitational.
Aug. 26: home for Pierre invitational.
Aug. 29: at Huron invitational.
Sept. 3: at Aberdeen Central invitational.
Sept. 13: at Yankton invitational.
Sept. 16: at Brookings invitational.
Sept. 20: at Mitchell invitational.
Sept. 24: at Watertown invitational.
Sept. 30: at ESD conference meet, Aberdeen.
Oct. 7-8: at state tournament, Watertown.

Aug. 31: at Aberdeen Central invitational.
Sept. 5: at Mitchell invitational.
Sept. 7: home for Pierre invitational.
Sept. 17: at Huron invitational.
Sept. 21: at Brookings invitational.
Sept. 24: at Brandon Valley invitational.
Sept. 28: at Rapid City Stevens invitational.
Oct. 10: at Watertown invitational.
Oct. 17: at Brandon Valley invitational.
Oct. 26: at state meet, Rapid City.

Aug. 30: home for Pierre invitational.
Sept. 6: at Augustana invitational, Sioux Falls.
Sept. 12: at Aberdeen Central invitational.
Sept. 21: at Huron invitational.
Sept. 27: at Rapid City Central invitational.
Oct. 3: at Watertown invitational.
Oct. 12: at ESD conference meet, Huron.
Oct. 17: at Huron invitational.
Oct. 26: at state meet, Rapid City.

Aug. 16: home vs. Aberdeen Central.
Aug. 17: home vs. Brookings.
Aug. 20: home vs. Sioux Falls Roosevelt.
Aug. 29: home vs. Sturgis.
Aug. 30: at Rapid City Stevens.
Aug. 31: at Rapid City Central.
Sept. 3: at Watertown.
Sept. 7: home vs. Spearfish.
Sept. 12: at Harrisburg.
Sept. 14: home vs. Brandon Valley.
Sept. 21: at Tea Area.
Sept. 24: at Yankton.
Sept. 26: home vs. Mitchell.
Sept. 28: at Sioux Falls Jefferson.
Oct. 1: at Huron.
Oct. 8: first-round playoff game.
Oct. 12: quarterfinals.
Oct. 15: semifinals.
Oct. 19: state championship games, Yankton.

Aug. 27: home vs. Watertown.
Aug. 30: home vs. Rapid City Stevens.
Aug. 31: home vs. Rapid City Central.
Sept. 5: at Douglas.
Sept. 10: home vs. Mitchell.
Sept. 13: at Sturgis.
Sept. 14: at Spearfish.
Sept. 17: home vs. Sioux Falls Washington.
Sept. 19: at Sioux Falls Lincoln.
Sept. 21: home vs. Tea Area.
Oct. 5: at Brandon Valley.
Oct. 8: at Huron.
Oct. 12: home vs. Aberdeen Central.
Oct. 15: at Harrisburg.
Oct. 17: home vs. Yankton.
Oct. 22: home vs. Huron.
Oct. 25: home vs. Sioux Falls O’Gorman.
Oct. 26: at Aberdeen Central.
Oct. 29: at Brookings.
Nov. 5: at Sioux Falls Jefferson.
Nov. 14: SoDak 16 games.
Nov. 21-23: state tournament, Sioux Falls.

Aug. 16: home for Pierre invitational.
Aug. 23-24: at Madison invitational.
Aug. 29: vs. Brandon Valley (at Rapid City) and at Rapid City Stevens.
Aug. 30-31: at Rapid City invitational.
Sept. 6: at Mitchell triangular (with Sioux Falls Jefferson).
Sept. 7: at Sioux Falls Christian and at Harrisburg.
Sept. 10: at Rapid City Central triangular (with Aberdeen Roncalli).
Sept. 14: at Huron quadrangular.
Sept. 21: at Aberdeen Central invitational.
Sept. 24: home vs. Spearfish.
Sept. 26: home vs. St. Thomas More.
Sept. 30-Oct. 1: at ESD conference tournament, Watertown.
Oct. 7-8: at state tournament, Rapid City.


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