Vol. 19, No. 42; Thursday, July 26, 2018

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Teachers! Don’t forget to hit up Target’s teacher sales so you can spend your personal money buying supplies your government job should provide in order to perform the work that they say you suck at doing because, among other things, they don’t provide you with supplies you need to do it.
— SammicheaPsychMedia.com


Pierre Post 8 schedule:
Thursday: at Bismarck, 5:30.
Aug. 1-5: home at state tournament.

Pierre Post 8: Post 8 takes a 22-20 record into tonight’s regular-season finale at Bismarck. Then the Pierre club will open up state tournament play at home next Wednesday in the second evening game of the first day’s play. At the Gopher Classic in the Twin Cities area, Pierre surprised a lot of people by sweeping through its pool with a perfect 5-0 record—wins by 8-1 over Rosetown, Minn., 2-1 over the Billings Royals, 5-3 over Bemidji, 8-0 over LaCrescent, Minn., and 3-1 over Lino Lakes, Minn. In the Round of 16 Post 8 lost to Moorhead, 6-4. In the past week Pierre lost twice to Minot and defeated Watertown and Sioux Falls East. A 12-3 loss to Minot included seven Pierre errors, but Michael Lusk had three hits and two RBIs. Grey Zabel struck out eight in a 9-2 loss to Minot. In a 5-2 win over Watertown Peyton Zabel fanned 11 batters. In a 3-1 over Sioux Falls East Carson Tschetter allowed no runs and no walks while fanning three in getting the win.

Pierre Trappers schedule:
Thursday: at Souris Valley (Minot), 6:35.
Friday: home vs. Hastings, 6:35.
Saturday: home vs. Hastings, 6:35.
Sunday: home vs. Hastings, 5:35.
Monday: home vs. Badlands (Dickinson), 6:35.
Tuesday: home vs. Spearfish, 6:35.
Wednesday: at Spearfish, 7:35 CDT.
Aug. 3: at Hub City (Aberdeen), 6:35.
Aug. 4: at Hub City, 6:35.
Aug. 5: at Hub City, 5:35.
Aug. 7: Playoff semifinals.
Aug. 10-12: Championship best-of-3 series.

Pierre Trappers: The Trappers used a seven-game winning streak—including a five-game sweep over Badlands—to crawl back into the race for the second-place position in their division, which would mean a spot in the four-team playoffs. Then the Trappers lost four in a row, one to Spearfish and three to Hastings. This week Pierre took out its frustrations on Spearfish, clubbing the Sasquatch by 21-3 and 13-3 scores.

Expedition League standings through Tuesday night’s games (top two teams in each division qualify for one-game semifinal playoff Aug. 7; those two winners play in final best-2-of-3 series):
LEWIS DIVISION—(1) Souris Valley 33-19, (2) Badlands 28-23, (3) Pierre 27-25 (1 1/2 games behind playoff spot), (4) Hub City 23-29.
CLARK DIVISION—(1) Western Nebraska 35-14, (2) Hastings 24-29, (3) Spearfish 19-30, (4) Casper 15-35.

Minnesota Twins:
Thursday: at Boston, 6:10, FSN, MLBN.
Friday: at Boston, 6:10, FSN.
Saturday: at Boston, 6:10, FSN.
Sunday: at Boston, 12:05, FSN.
Monday: Cleveland, 7:10, FSN.
Tuesday: Cleveland, 7:10, FSN.
Wednesday: Cleveland, 12:10, FSN.

Chicago Cubs:
Thursday: Arizona, 1:20, MLBN.
Friday: at St. Louis, 7:15, MLBN.
Saturday: at St. Louis, 3:05, FS1.
Sunday: at St. Louis, 7:05, ESPN.
Tuesday: at Pittsburgh, 6:05.
Wednesday: at Pittsburgh, 6:05.
Thursday: San Diego, 7:05.

Colorado Rockies:
Friday: Oakland, 6:40.
Saturday: Oakland, 6:10.
Sunday: Oakland, 1:10.
Monday: at St. Louis, 6:10.
Tuesday: at St. Louis, 6:15.
Wednesday: at St. Louis, 6:15.
Thursday: at St. Louis, 11:15.

Sioux Falls Canaries: The Birds in the past two weeks lost three of four vs. Fargo-Moorhead, won two of three over Winnipeg, lost two of three to Chicago and split the first two games of a series at Gary-Southshore. Sioux Falls is back home Friday through Sunday vs. Wichita and Tuesday through Thursday vs. Kansas City.


“Before you speak to me about your religion, first show it to me in how you treat others. Before you tell me how much you love your God, show me in how much you love all His children. Before you preach to me of your passion for your faith, teach me about it through your compassion for your neighbors. In the end I’m not as interested in what you have to tell or sell as I am in how you choose to live and give.”
— U.S. Sen. Cory Booker


Friday-Sunday: raspberry cheesecake.
Monday-Tuesday: blue mood.


“If plastic water bottles are okay but plastic bags are banned, you might live in a nation (or a state) that was founded by geniuses but run by idiots.”
— Jeff Foxworthy


Directions: Draw a box of 16 adjoining squares, four across and four down. Number the top row of boxes 1, 2, 3 and 4 from left to right. Number the left-hand box in the second row 5, the left-hand box in the third row 6, and the left-hand box in the bottom row 7.

1 across: Check a piece of writing for errors and corrections.
1 down: One of the Great Lakes.
2 down: —- the Explorer, a kids’ TV cartoon heroine.
3 down: Brand of dog food.
4 down: —- Turner, Nationals infielder.
5 across: Sound of a sports crowd.
6 across: Long-time-ago radio show, “My Friend —-.”
7 across: Lack of difficulty.
(Solution at the bottom of this Update.)


“None of us are getting out of here alive, so please stop treating yourself like an afterthought. Eat the delicious food. Walk in the sunshine. Jump in the ocean. Say the truth that you’re carrying in your heart like hidden treasure. Be silly. Be kind. Be weird. There’s no time for anything else.”
— Anthony Hopkins


Thursday, July 26:
Bob Sutton, Tony Mangan, Brayden Maskovich, Lindsey Riter-Rapp, Danielle McGee-Campbell, Laycie Williams, Annie Lueders, Riio Reeves, Meghan (Drewes) Hall, Morgan (McLain) Willard, Kathy Riedy, Conrad Adam.
— 15th anniversary, James/Crystal Dvorak.
— 8th anniversary, Colin/Kaycee (Miller) Larson.
— 4th anniversary, Jared/Alex (Voeltz) Little.
— 4th anniversary, Evan/Angie Protexter.
— 15th anniversary, Nathan/Holly (Knox) Perli.
— 5th anniversary, Tyler/Tevan (Wenbourne) Newman.

Friday, July 27:
Kalen Miller, Austin Darrington, Casey Ptacek, Brandon Coyle, Jered Stars, Amanda Hodgin, Kate Stahl, Jay Miller, Trey Montana, Austin Blair, Russell Jennewein, Krista Weyrich, Ross Jones, Marsha Kucker, Lucas Zimmerman, Kristi (Kunsman) Lloyd.
— 15th anniversary, Chad/Pam Kringel.
— 16th anniversary, Michael/Melissa (Hitchcock) Maxwell.
— 5th anniversary, Tanner/Jamie (Dykstra) Fitzke.

Saturday, July 28:
Karsten Withers, Kendra Kuiper, Edna Foth (#95), Dave Dulas, Mary DeVany, Taylor Becker, Kessler Decker, Joni Boub, Stuart Jones, Melissa (Luers) Hansen, Allison Zuercher, Feleica Pullman, Tiffany (Winkler) Carr, Alex Allison, Nick Neuhauser.
— 11th anniversary, Jesse/Rachel (Hermanson) Knutson.

Sunday, July 29:
Alyssa Bump, Joshua Dykstra, Megan Farris, Mariah Fuchs, Miranda Panzer, Jace Anderson, Aaron Hoelscher, Sheila Clark, Jeff Garrett, Carson Knudson, Twila (Larson) Reding, Libby Thorne, Amy Sazama, Tim McNaboe, Cole Kayser, August Mortenson.

Monday, July 30:
Karla (Richards) Blemaster, Joan Podhradsky, Meara Hauck, Dave Koenig, Linda (Kern) Anderson, Kent Skrondahl, Pat (Caldwell) Miller, Dan Barringer, Barb (Thomas) Kinder, Mark Zabel.
— 13th anniversary, Tim/Kristi (Kinsman) Lloyd.
— 13th anniversary, Matt/Daisha (Seyfer) Finke.
— 7th anniversary, Matt/Amanda (Kusser) Mitchell.
— 8th anniversary, JD/Megan (Rapp) Deal.
— 2nd anniversary, Matt/Theresa (Gabriel) Kleinsasser.
— 2nd anniversary, Shane/Jessica (Parsons) Big Eagle.
We fondly remember Jo Mitchell on her birthday. We also remember firefighter Dave Ruhl, who passed away while fighting a fire in California three years ago today.

Tuesday, July 31:
Makenna Nystrom, Laficia Leftsich, Jeanine Maskovich, Gabriella Herbert, Adalynn Gustafson, Pat Parlin, Linda Geraets, Julia (Guhin) Zach, Sarah Zinter, Jeremy Ripperger.
— 8th anniversary, Trent/Brand Barth.
— 13th anniversary, Luke/Jennifer Steece.
— Anniversary, Lance/Nicole (Rathbun) Kuper.
— 8th anniversary, Kyle/Kayla (Prince) Kusek.
— 47th anniversary, Dennis/Judy (Metzinger) Pullman.
We fondly remember Kier Murphy on his birthday.

Wednesday, Aug. 1:
Charlotte Hofer, Craig Eichstadt, Brooke Bjorneberg, Scott Heibel, Camden Vogel, Ryan Merriam, Dustin Bonnett, Loni Shoup, Galen Stolp, Kevin Hall.
— 3rd anniversary, Hunter/Cait Johnson.
— 3rd anniversary, Kristen Job/Cindy Royer.
— 14th anniversary, Eric/Danielle (Scott) High Bear.
— 15th anniversary, Jay/Ann (Schroyer) Schwartz.
— 3rd anniversary, Sam/Morgan (McLain) Willard.
— 9th anniversary, Blake/Randi (McQuistion) Norman.

Thursday, Aug. 2:
Matthew Hardwick, Parker Linn, Rachel (Lundeen) Bailey.
— 15th anniversary, Matthew/Kayla (Crawford) Fisher.
We respectfully remember police officers Nick Armstrong and Ryan McCandless, who lost their lives in the line of duty in Rapid City seven years ago today.

Friday, Aug. 3:
Eric Titze, Scott Bailey, Brad Urbach, Robyn Thorpe, Faun Van Bockel, Karen (Strickland) Jones.
— Anniversary, Rob/Jan Kittay.
— 33rd anniversary, Guy/Kim DiBenedetto.
— 16th anniversary, David/Jennifer (Lomheim) Sieveking.
— 16th anniversary, Richard/Lynn (McQuistion) Siedschlaw.
— 44th anniversary, Chuck/Kathy Anderson.

Saturday, Aug. 4:
Jessica Olson, Sadie Lund, Kayla Trebesch, Karen Palmer, Kellen Casanova, Kimberly (Bartels) Malone, Mike Powell, Laurel Holcomb.
— 6th anniversary, Luke/Kristen Edwards.

Sunday, Aug. 5:
Lukas Erlenbusch, Sara (Schneider) Odden, Gabe Vogt, Rachel Guthmiller, Derik Wright, Jerry Jarvis, Tanner Steele, Shirley Doyle.
— 46th anniversary, Jerry/Myra Duba.
— 51st anniversary, Milt/Dawn Morris.
— 13th anniversary, Hunter/Stephanie Roberts.
— 12th anniversary, Ross/Anna (Van Duzer) Yost.
— 1st anniversary, Travis/Nicole Rinehart.
— 1st anniversary, Brian/Tara (Hyde) White.

Monday, Aug. 6:
Patti (Mercer) Jordre, Janet (Schuh) Fulk, Boston Bryant, Nick Bengs, Justin Williams, Matthew Booth, Chris Brinkman, Lynette McCarty, Greg Byrum, Kipp Stahl, Michelle Dvorak, Ryan Yackley, Lincoln Schoenhard, David Perry, Lois Byrum.
— 13th anniversary, Travis/Becky Lindekugel.
— 41st anniversary, John/Mary Hoover.
— 52nd anniversary, Jim/Judy Ulmen.
— 7th anniversary, Jacob/Chezaree Shoup.
— 13th anniversary, Mike/Corinna (Bevers) Christopher.
— Anniversary, Rod/Terry Fisher.
— 2nd anniversary, Scott/Bailey (Armstrong) Wagner.

Tuesday, Aug. 7:
Sylvia Jo Imsland, Reese Fisher, Sam Fjelstad, Jeremy Hamm, Judi West, Jane Naylor, Leighton Hoover, Suzanne Stahl, Tate Rinehart, Bob Tobin, Rick Swanson, Chev Hackett.
— 14th anniversary, Roby/Krista Bass.
— 35th anniversary, Geoff/Beth (Pospisil) Simon.
— 14th anniversary, Benjamin/Shannon (Dykstra) Herbert.
— 53rd anniversary, Ken/Diane Stofferahn.
— 14th anniversary, Josh/Jessica (Wilson) Bosma.
— Anniversary, John/Jan Artz.
— 42nd anniversary, Myron/Anita Rau.
— 8th anniversary, Garrett/Kelsey (Bartel) Glynn.
— 8th anniversary, Chad/Winter (Nicholas) Hendrickson.
— 8th anniversary, Wayne/Melissa (Stewart) Crawford.
— 8th anniversary, Lucas/Mary (Holm) Keahey.
— 9th anniversary, Justin/Stacey Briese.
— 9th anniversary, John/Laura Williams.
— 42nd anniversary, Myron/Deb Bryant.

Wednesday, Aug. 8:
Drew White, Mike Herman, Korina Deal, Patrick Gengler, Declan Pope, Daniel Timmons, Sam Holden, Dantae Dvorak, Dylan Dowling, Kristen Job, Molly Kreycik, Roger Johnson, Sue Gapp, Brody Mullett, Marla Willard.
— 20th anniversary, Jonathan/Andrea (Viken) Urbach.
— 20th anniversary, Nathan/Jill (Storsteen) Weber.
— 9th anniversary, Max/Lisa Huber.
— 3rd anniversary, Ryan/Cassie Blake.
— 3rd anniversary, Ali/Rachel (LeBeau) Hachem.

Thursday, Aug. 9:
Collin Livermont, Rebecca (Zebroski) Neises, Jenny (Hallenbeck) Orr, Megan (Joachim) Jaeger, Mary Sieck, Larry Joachim, Remington Reilly, Brynn Sogaard
— 32nd anniversary, Jeff/Lisa Mammenga.
— 4th anniversary, Ryan/Kelly (Lingle) Royer.
— 21st anniversary, Chuck/Hope (Hoover) Brenny.
— 10th anniversary, Justin/Stephanie (Mutschler) Pierson.
— 15th anniversary, Nick/Brittany (Bailey) Jarecke.
— 43rd anniversary, Terry/Janet Hofer.
— 54th anniversary, John/Linda Knox.
— 15th anniversary, Chris/Jenny Derry.
— 21st anniversary, Chris/Sarah (Kringel) Hibbitts.

Q. & A.

Q.: What did the policeman say to his belly button?
A.: “You’re under a vest!”
— KSFY News


Football: Aug. 17 at Mount Vernon-Plankinton.
Volleyball: Aug. 25 at Bennett County (with Wall).
Cross country: Aug. 24 at Winner meet.

Football: Aug. 17 at Potter County.
Volleyball: Aug. 30 at Miller.
Cross country: Scheduled not yet posted.

Girls soccer: Aug. 10 home vs. Brandon Valley.
Boys soccer: Aug. 10 home vs. Brandon Valley.
Boys golf: Aug. 13 at Sioux Falls Washington meet.
Girls tennis: Aug. 17 at Harrisburg and at Sioux Falls Lincoln invitational.
Cross country: Aug. 24 home vs. Aberdeen Central and Rapid City Central.
Volleyball: Aug. 24 at Rapid City Central.
Football: Aug. 24 home vs. Harrisburg.
Cheer/dance: Aug. 25 at Aberdeen Central meet.


Collie + Malemute = Commute, a dog that travels to work.


College men’s basketball: A new East vs. West Challenge event is being sponsored by Sanford Health, starting Nov. 16-17 at the Sanford Pentagon in Sioux Falls. The event each year will feature Augustana and Northern playing games against Black Hills State and School of Mines. In 2019 the event will be held in Spearfish, in 2020 back at the Pentagon and in 2021 in Aberdeen. Tickets for this year’s inaugural East vs. West Challenge will go on sale through the Pentagon on Aug. 24.

College men’s basketball: Mike Daum and his teammates will be part of the first basketball event to be staged at the Vikings’ U.S. Bank Stadium, which will be the site of next spring’s Final Four. The two-day event begins Friday, Nov. 30, with St. Thomas playing Wisconsin-River Falls, followed by Oklahoma State vs. Minnesota. On Saturday, Dec. 1, the games will be NDSU vs. Drake and SDSU vs. Northern Iowa at 8 p.m. Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m Aug. 10 at www.ticketmaster.com. You can buy a one-day package or a two-day package.

Minnesota Lynx: The Lynx, after losses to Las Vegas and Connecticut, have rebounded with three straight wins over Indiana, Phoenix and New York. With a record of 15-10, it’s time for the All-Star break with the Lynx hosting the game at Target Center Saturday. The regular season resumes at Los Angeles Aug. 3 and Seattle Aug. 5.


Minnesota United FC: The Loons’ third straight win—and their fourth victory in a row at home—was a 5-1 trouncing of Los Angeles. Earlier the Loons beat Real Salt Lake, 3-2, and New England, 2-1. Minnesota is home vs. Vancouver at 8 p.m. Saturday, then goes to Seattle Aug. 4.


“When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.”
— Dalai Lama


PGA Champions Tour: At the Constellation Senior Players Championship two weekends ago, Tom Byrum tied for 14th place with a 13-under-par round of 67-68-68-72=275, seven shots behind the co-champions. Byrum earned $50,400, bringing his earnings for the year to $279,789, ranking him 41st on the money list for 2018. Tom has made the cut in all 12 events he has played, finishing in the top 25 six times and in the top 10 once. Starting Thursday and running through Sunday is the Senior Open Championship at St. Andrews in Scotland. Golf Channel today and Friday and NBC Saturday and Sunday will have television coverage.

SDGA Women’s Match-Play: At the state tournament two former Lady Govs state champions, Hallie Getz and Katie Bartlett, reached the championship match where Hallie emerged victorious, 7 and 5 (leading by seven holes with five to play). In the first day’s qualifying round Getz fired the best score of 67, shooting a 31 on the back nine, her best-ever nine-hole score, and Katie carded a 75. In match play Hallie won 6 and 4 over Kelsey Johnson of Sioux Falls, 2 and 1 over Samantha Langford of Sioux Falls in the quarterfinal round and 4 and 3 over Maggie Murphy of Brookings in the semifinals. Katie, the defending state women’s match-play champion, defeated Jade Burr of Belle Fourche 4 and 2 in the first day of match play, won 1 up over Jennifer Vincent of Vermillion in the quarters and won 1 up over Elizabeth Duncan of Brandon in the semifinals. Hallie in the championship match fired nine pars, two birdies and two bogeys over the 13 holes played. Katie won No. 12 to cut her deficit to six with six holes remaining, but Hallie won on No. 13 to end it and claim her state title.

SDGA Father-Son: Mike and Austin Hoss of Pierre won the SDGA’s father-son state golf tournament with a score of 72. They were one stroke better than three other pairs. In the 12-13 age division Pierre native Mke Swartz and son Jackson of Rapid City won first place with a score of 81.

SDGA Junior: Austin Hoss placed sixth in the 16-18 boys division at the SDGA junior state championship in Mitchell with a 142 score. He was 10 shots behind winner Jack Lundin of Sioux Falls. Grady Klundt was 40th with a 164 and Carter Karst 46th with a 175. In the girls 14-15 division Ellie Jo Simpson placed seventh with a 207 score.


Aug. 11: Steve Long/Cassie Amundson.
Aug. 18: Jason Noyes/Micki DeCurtins.
Aug. 18: Todd Leiferman/Hillary Handcock.
Aug. 19: Derek Berman/Danea Duxbury.
Aug. 25: Steven Gordon/Katelynn Engh.
Sept. 29: Tyler Arbach/Rachel Hartmann.
Oct. 6: Rodd Bauck/Megan Vockrodt.
Oct. 6: Cade Pell/Sarah Lihs.
Aug. 31, 2019: Devin Maki/Karlie Warne.


“Leadership is not a license to do less. Leadership is a responsibility to do more.”
— Simon Sinek


— When my daughter Holly and her girls and I attended opening night of “Oklahoma!” at the Black Hills Playhouse on July 13, our seats were right onstage in the midst of the action! The arrangement of this set provided for a row of chairs on the left and another row on the right, sort of on the front porch of Aunt Eller’s house. In those spots the actors interacted with those of us sitting there. A unique perspective, almost as if we were part of the company itself.

— And speaking of “Oklahoma!” down at the Playhouse, they had a real gully-washer strike their campus during the first act last Saturday night. The flood started coming in backstage, and a power surge knocked out the actors’ microphones. They managed to finish the first act, then began mopping up the water and getting everyone out of the theater. I hear they resumed long enough for one rousing chorus of the finale before sending everybody home without their seeing the second act.

— Especially for our readers within reach of Sioux Falls, here is interesting news from Dan Workman’s theater department at Augustana. The world premiere of a new play, “Real As Air,” will open the theater season at Augie Sept. 21, 22, 28 and 29 at 7:30 p.m. and Sept. 23 and 30 at 2:30. The new play by Dr. Richard W. Swanson is based on letters, messages and memories shared between Swanson, his wife Cheryl, and his sister Kathy after Kathy was diagnosed with ALS.

— In an earlier Update we mentioned Duke University basketball senior Brennan Bresser making his Seattle-to-New York bicycle ride to raise donations and awareness for the intellectual and developmental (IDD) community. Brennan has been on his bike with his sister accompanying in a van. They were in Pierre and Fort Pierre in June, and Brennan conducted a basketball clinic at Parkview Gym while they were in town. The good news is that Brennan rolled into New York on July 18, 70 days and more than 3,500 miles after leaving Seattle.

— The former Jeannine Klosterman, whose funeral information is mentioned in the news column below, was a student of mine at Huron Junior HIgh in the 1963-64 school year. Our paths crossed several times, especially while she and her family were living in Fort Pierre and Pierre.

— One more two-week break between Midweek Updates! Your next one will show up in your inbox on Thursday, Aug. 9, and then we’ll resume the every-week routine. All those ballgames, you know?

— “The Great American Read” is a new eight-part television competition and nationwide campaign which explores the power of books and the joy of reading through the lens of America’s 100 best-loved novels. You can watch celebrity interviews online right now and vote for your best-loved books among the 100 at www.pbs.org before the TV series returns to PBS stations on Sept. 11.

— Two months back we asked for reader participation in listing one’s favorite current athletes and favorite all-time athletes in each sport. We managed to receive a whopping three responses. So let’s try again. Tell us the one place in the U.S. where you have never been to which you would like to go and why. We’ll publish one response at a time. Send to parkerhome16@hotmail.com.

— The “Kennedy Center Honors” TV special each holiday season is always a magnificent show, and this year’s should rank right up there. The Kennedy Center announced the 2018 recipients this week—actress Cher, country music entertainer Reba McEntire, composer-pianist Philip Glass, composer-jazz saxophonist Wayne Shorter, and the creators of “Hamilton.” The show will be broadcast on CBS-TV on Dec. 26.

— More abuses of the English language:

  • On ESPN Radio: “He don’t respect nobody.”
  • From a TV movie: “I am laying down.”
  • From a Fox Sports Radio analyst: “He should have went in the first round.”
  • From the Espys telecast: “Myself and my teammates take inspiration from that kind of sportsmanship.
  • From a KELO-TV promotional ad: “How does your best friend keep their cool?”
  • From a Facebook post: “I could not of said it better.”
  • From a Facebook post: “That’s how youre suppose to do it.”
  • From a Hallmark Channel movie: “Him and I are just old friends.”


“Unless someone like you cares a whole lot, nothing is going to get better.”
— Dr. Seuss, “The Lorax”


2 days: WNBA All-Star Game, Minneapolis (July 28).
6 days: State Legion baseball tournament, Pierre (Aug. 1-5).
8 days: Riggs High Class of ’78 reunion (Aug. 3-4).
8 days: Sturgis motorcycle rally (Aug. 3-12).
8 days: Sioux Empire Fair, Sioux Falls (Aug. 3-11).
8 days: Black Hills Playhouse’s “The Game’s Afoot, or Holmes for the Holidays” (Aug. 3-19).
14 days: Sully County Fair, Onida (Aug. 9-12).
15 days: Pierre Governors/Lady Govs soccer openers (Aug. 10).
16 days: LillyFest, Fort Pierre (Aug. 11).
22 days: Sully Buttes football opener (Aug. 17).
22 days: Stanley County football opener (Aug. 17).
25 days: First day of school at Riggs High (Aug. 20).
26 days: First day of school at Stanley County (Aug. 21).
27 days: First day of school in Pierre middle and elementary schools (Aug. 22).
29 days: BluntFest (Aug. 24-26).


A bass was painted on the head of the bass drum.


Belated 90th birthday greetings to Sully County native Grace Todd. A birthday party celebrated her milestone birthday at ParkWood last Sunday afternoon.

Delvin Brosz, 81, died in Sioux Falls July 13. A celebration of his life was held July 18 at First United Methodist Church. He grew up in Tripp and earned degrees at SDSU. He came to Pierre in 1973 to begin a career with the Department of Water and Natural Resources. He and Kathleen Behrend were married in 1963. He is survived by his wife; son Jeff Brosz and his wife Heidi of Pierre, son Greg Brosz and his wife Kerry of Mitchell, daughter Sheri Franken and her husband Sean of Sioux Falls, daughter Angie Hyde and her husband Mark of Brookings; eight grandchildren; brother Don Brosz of Laramie, Wyo., and sister Sally Miller of Dallas, Ore.

Laurie Schultz, who spent 29 years with the Department of Transportation and 10 years with Brosz Engineering Inc., will be inducted later this year into the South Dakota Transportation Hall of Fame. She was the first female engineer ever hired by the DOT.

The Hidden Timber Band is on the docket to provide the music on the deck at the Legion cabin this Sunday, July 29, starting at 5:30 p. .

In a state where serious journalism keeping an eye on one-party state government is at a premium, it’s good news that Bob Mercer will, in a slightly different capacity, still be doing the job he has been doing for more than 30 years. Mercer will be joining KELO-TV as a reporter from Pierre beginning in October. For the last nine years Mercer operated the Pierre news bureau of the Aberdeen American-News and syndicated his stories to other newspapers without their own Capitol reporters. Mercer has been in the news business since 1984 except for four years as press secretary for Governor Janklow’s fourth term (1998-2002).

This year’s Russ Snyder Memorial Scholarship has been presented to Post 8 senior baseball player Peyton Zabel. The Snyder family for two decades has presented a scholarship annually to a Post 8 player in memory of Russ, who was a star athlete in numerous sports during his teen-age years in Pierre.

Blunt native and a 1989 Sully Buttes alumnus Kory Davis, owner of The Experience Real Estate company in Sioux Falls, recently received the Realtor Spirit Award from Realtor Association of the Sioux Empire Inc. at its June 28 luncheon. Kory’s parents, Neil and Kathy Davis, still live in Blunt.

Spring graduates from Dakota Wesleyan University included:
— Chance Scott, MBA/strategic leadership.
— Sarah DeHaai, B.S. nursing.
— Lewis Hofer, B.S. busness administration.

Janice (Newton) Cass passed away recently at the age of 70. She came to Pierre with her parents and family from Huron and graduated from Riggs High School in 1965. She and LeRoy Cass were married in 1967. They lived in Pierre for 30 years until moving to Yankton in 1997. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last October. While in Pierre, Janice worked at Maryhouse and served lunch at St. Joseph Elementary School for many years. She was the first director of the Yankton Area Banquet and served in that capacity for 16 years. In addition to her husband, she is survived by son John Cass of Moorhead, Minn., son Mike Cass of Rosemount, Minn., son Brian Cass of North Chesterfield, Va., son Steven Cass of Yankton, daughter Becky Adams of Yankton, and 13 grandchildren.

The Sully Buttes Class of 1978 will have its 40-year reunion get-together on the back patio at the Blue Goose in Onida from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 11, during the Sully County Fair.

This Sunday’s service at the Oahe Chapel at 8 a.m. will be conducted by members of Lutheran Memorial Church. On Aug. 5 the Blood Washed Band from New Life Assembly of God will be in charge of the chapel service.

The Dakota Wesleyan University spring semester Dean’s List included Lukas Chase, Nathaniel Bader and Elena Svingen.

Christian speaker, worship leader, author and minister Lance Edward of Sioux Falls has a new Facebook page under the name “Lance Edward.” Lance is the former Lance Nielson, a 1991 graduate of Riggs High.

A new music event, the Oahe Blues Festival, takes place from 4 to 11 p.m. this Saturday at the Grey Goose Store and Social Club north of Pierre.

Elizabeth Vogt will be doing a trunk show of her quilts and their stories as part of the “Tales on the River” summer program series. She will begin at the Moose Lodge at 7 p.m. tonight (Thursday).

Boyd Conzemius carded his first-ever hole-in-one on No. 14 at the HIllsview course two weeks ago.

Bill Dodge, 97, died July 13 at the Avera Maryhouse long-term care facility. A native of Groton, he was a World War II veteran with the U.S. Navy. He and the former Gladys Rilling were married for 70 years. He is survived by their children, Connie Brown and her husband Ron, Pat Dodge and his wife Rosie, and Bill Dodge Jr. and his wife Julie; six grandchildren, eight great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren.

Sworn in for new terms on the Pierre City Commission earlier this month were Jamie Huizenga and Jim Mehlhaff, who were re-elected at the June election, and Vona Johnson, who was unopposed for her own first full term. The swearing-in was performed by Chief Justice David Gilbertson of the South Dakota Supreme Court.

Blunt native De Welch Knudson of Sioux Falls was named by Democratic lieutenant governor candidate Michelle Lavallee as chairman of her campaign committee.

Delta Dental donated $25,000 to the Helmsley Center Challenge in honor of Jim Russell, who served for 27 years on Delta Dental’s board of directors and 28 years as CEO of St. Mary’s Healthcare Center.

Officer Charles T. Swanson has been promoted to the rank of detective in the Pierre Police Department effective July 31.

The Rev. Barbara Crowson, 86, died July 17 at the Avera Maryhouse long-term care facility. A celebration of her life was held July 25 in Frankfort, Ind. She was married for 65 years to the Rev. Ed Crowson. She was an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church. She served several churches, including the United Church of Christ in Fort Pierre and First United Methodist and Southeast United Methodist in Pierre. She is survived by four daughters, including Anne Plooster and her husband Tom in Pierre; seven grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.

Patrick Wellner placed third in this year’s Fort to ‘Field 50 Paddle Battle, a 50-mile boat race on the Missouri River from Fort Randall Dam to Springfield. Pat’s time was 6 hours, 29 minutes.

Moira Duffy earned a spot on the University of Sioux Falls spring semester Dean’s List before graduating and heading to Europe for a year of Fulbright Scholarship study.

In the last Midweek Update we reported that Barb (Sutera) Opitz would soon be receiving a transplant from her sister, Mary Sieck. The original date of the surgery in Rochester was to have been Aug. 6, but Mary acquired a virus, so doctors advised a delay. Then on July 14 Barb fell and broke her wrist. So the transplant team set a new date of Aug. 13, but Mary’s doctor is not available on that date, so now the surgery date is Aug. 20. There is a CaringBridge page where friends can follow all the drama.

Philip Sieler, 79, Pierre, died July 19 at Pierre Care and Rehab. Services were held Tuesday at Lutheran Memorial Church. He grew up in Rapid City and spent four years in the Military Police Corps while in the Army. He moved to Pierre in 1984 and worked for the Department of Revenue and the Department of Transportation. He finished his career in the attorney general’s office where he worked for 20 years as a Medicaid fraud investigator. Among his survivors are his wife, Delores; son Justin in Sioux Falls; Darci Bible in Pierre, and Duane Drew in Pipestone, Minn., and four grandchildren.

Former Pierre resident Jason Young of Rapid City and Kent Wirebaugh of Aberdeen were college roommates and golf teammates at Northern. What are the odds their respective daughters would end up playing against each other in the state women’s match-play golf tournament. Sydney Wirebaugh, who works at the Moccasin Creek Country Club in Aberdeen, defeated Natalie Young, who attends college in Phoenix where she plays golf.

John A. Flyger, an attorney from Rockville, Md., who was the brother of the late Steven Flyger of Pierre, died at age 56 on July 8. A native of Sioux Falls, he is survived by a sister and four children. A celebration of his life will be held July 29 at the Dayspring retreat center in Germantown, Md.

Marjorie Cordts passed away at the age of 90 July 17 at Avera Prince of Peace nursing home in Sioux Falls. Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated July 23 at Ss. Peter & Paul Catholic Church in Pierre, a church she served faithfully in numerous capacities for decades. A native of Parkston, Marge attended the College of St. Teresa in Winona, Minn., then took training as a radiologic technologist. She worked in Mankato, Denver and then Pierre from 1979 to 1993. She married Donald Cordts in 1965, and they made their home in Pierre for 40 years. Marge, besides serving her church, served St. Joseph Elementary School as well as a board member. In 2009 she moved to Avera Prince of Peace. She is survived by her daughter, Barbara Cordts of Birmingham, Ala.; her son, Steven Cordts of Bemidji, Minn.; her son, David Cordts of Minneapolis, and her granddaughter, Evelyn Cordts of Bemidji.

Brett and Jenny Durick have a third child in their family as of July 6. Ella Montgomery Durick weighed 6 pounds, 4 ounces, and measured 19 inches. She joins Logan, 5, and Gretta, 2, in the Durick family. They live in Chatham, N.J., and Brett continues to commute to work in Manhattan where he is in his seventh year at Goldman Sachs.

Joe Kub, who grew up in Onida and graduated from OHS in 1967, died at the age of 69 on July 14 at home in Cheyenne, Wyo. Joe’s parents, Joe and Jenny Kub, ran a grocery store in Onida for many years. He earned a civil engineering degree from the School of Mines. He and his high school sweetheart, the former Ellen Lehmkuhl, were married in 1971. Joe worked as a traffic engineer for the Wyoming Department of Transportation, then started his own business, Kub Engineering, in 1984. He is survived by his wife; their son, D.J. Kub and his wife Amber; two grandchildren, and his sister, Marie (Kub) Pforr. A memorial service was held July 23 at First Presbyterian Church in Cheyenne

Performing music on the patio at Drifters tonight (Thursday) from 6:30 to 9:30 will be Andrea Royer. Next Thursday, Aug. 2, it will be Megan Nikole Fischer.

Davis Harrington, son of Joel and Anne (Rounds) Harrington, underwent spinal surgery at Gillette Children’s Hospital in St. Paul on July 11. A post at that time said Davis would have to spend two weeks there, then return home to Sioux Falls for four weeks of in-patient therapy and recovery.

Todd Peterson, Ph.D., associate professor of radiology and radiological imaging and director of nuclear imaging at the Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, received a fellowship from the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) as part of the Research Stays for University Academics and Scientists program. He is currently spending 11 weeks at the University of Siegen in Germany, collaborating on a medical research project with members of its Center for Particle Physics. Todd is a 1987 graduate of Riggs High School.

The final performances of Pierre Players’ summer musical, “Guys and Dolls,” will be at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Friday and Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday.

Larry Nagel, 76, Gettysburg, died July 14 at Avera Maryhouse. Funeral Mass was said July 20 at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Gettysburg. He grew up in Gettysburg, and after attending SDSU he returned home to the family farm and continued his life-long farming career. He and the former Mary Barbee of Harrold were married in 1970. In addition to his wife, he is survived by three children, Kimberly Christensen of Lake Preston, Brandon Nagel of Gettysburg and Kara Baumann of Fort Pierre; six grandchildren; three brothers, and a sister, Irma LeFaive of Pierre.

Kirk Albertson is riding in the RAGBRAI again this year. That is the Des Moines Register Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa. Kirk and his fellow members of the U.S. Air Force cycling team dipped their tires into the Missouri River Sunday before beginning the trek across the state, beginning in Onawa on I-29 south of Sioux City. Overnight stops were at Denison, Jefferson, Ames and Newton so far; tonight in Sigourney, and Friday night in Iowa City before the cyclists reach the Mississippi River in Davenport Saturday. This is the 44th year of the RAGBRAI.

Former Pierre residents Larry and Peggy Hofmeister, who have lived in Sioux Falls for many years, left yesterday to move to Mountain Home, a city in the Ozarks in far northern Arkansas near the Missouri border.

Sarah Iverson, 38, died July 17 at the Sanford Centennial Hospice Cottage in Sioux Falls after an eight-year cancer battle. She taught special education at Marty, Chamberlain and Sully Buttes during her teaching career. Services were held July 25 at Sioux Falls with burial at Ethan.

Ruth Rehn received the South Dakota Tennis Achievement Award during the Asfora Tennis Open tournament July 22. Ruth, who now lives in Greeley, Colo., was in Pierre for more than 30 years as one of the assistant executive secretaries of the South Dakota High School Activities Association and oversaw the great growth of tennis as a high school sport during her tenure.

Pierre city offices will be open for business as of July 30 in the former Eagle Creek building at 2301 Patron Parkway off Fourth Street. The city will occupy the first floor while Eagle Creek Software works on the second floor.

Matt and Kelly (Kafka) Schrempp of Minnetrista, Minn., are the parents of another son. Joseph James Schrempp was born July 18, weighing 6 pounds, 14 ounces, and measuring 18 1/2 inches. He joins sister, Grace, 8, and brother Isaac, 6, in the family.

Jeannine (Klosterman) VanderPol died July 14 at age 66 at the Platte Health Center Avera. Funeral Mass was celebrated July 20 in Platte. She worked at First National Bank in Fort Pierre at one time and later at the Department of Education as a regional interagency facilitator. In recent years she taught at Crow Creek High School, Aurora Plains Academy, Marty Indian School and the Andes Central school district. Among her survivors are her husband of 46 years, Jon VanderPol, four children, 15 grandchildren and five siblings.

Life-long Sully County resident Edna (Schmitgen) Foth will celebrate her 95th birthday on Saturday, July 28. Greetings can be sent to her at 615 S. Jefferson Ave., Pierre SD 57501.

A new exhibit at the South Dakota Discovery Center features pictures of the universe taken by Pierre and Kimball middle school students as part of the Harvard Smithsonian Youth Astronomy Network program. Three hundred middle school students explored the universe with telescopes they controlled over the Internet during a two-week project. The students from Rachel Hartmann’s and Hope Armstrong’s sixth-grade classes at Georgia Morse Middle School and the Kimball students were able to request images of different objects in our solar system and beyond. They then learned how to process the images using JS9 software to create their own astrophotographs.

Eric and MIssie Schmidt of Sioux Falls are parents of another son. Maclin Hayes Michael Schmidt was born July 21, weighing 6 pounds, 15 ounces, and measuring 19 inches. The Schmidts have an older boy, Leo, who is 2.

Alberta “Marge” Olson, 95, died July 20 at the Avera Maryhouse long-term care facility. Services will be held Friday, July 27, at 10 a.m. at Lutheran Memorial Church. Marge was a proud World War II veteran, serving with the Navy Waves and as a seaman apprentice. She and Marvin Olson were married in 1948. They lived in the Hayes area and in Fort Pierre, Pierre and Apache Junction, Ariz. She is survived by her husband of 70 years, Marvin Olson; four children, Char Morrison, Roberta Holmes, Fred Olson and Susan West; 12 grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren, one great-great-grandchild and a sister, Neva Dickmann.

Dr. Erica Schipper of Sioux Falls was part of a team of women doctors from USD, Sanford, LifeScape and Avera who went to Guatemala to provide medical care for underserved people in that Central American country.

Wanda Markland has been named warden of the state women’s prison in Pierre, effective in August. She has most recently been associate warden of treatment at West Tennessee State Penitentiary. Markland replaces Brent Fluke, who has been named warden of the Mike Durfee State Prison at Springfield. (News courtesy of “Today’s KCCR News.”)




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