Vol. 19, No. 41; Thursday, July 12, 2018

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“The measure of a country’s greatness is its ability to retain compassion in times of crisis.”
— Thurgood Marshall, U.S. Supreme Court Justice (1908-1993)


Thursday: coffee.
Friday-Sunday: cherry.
Monday-Tuesday: peppermint.
Wednesday-Thursday: peach.
July 20-22: tutti fruitti.
July 23-24: coconut.


From the “The Rifleman” TV series starring Chuck Connors: “. . . the time a town or even a country is really lost is when the people who live in it get careless and stop paying attention to how it’s being run.”


Pierre Trappers:
Thursday: at Spearfish.
Friday-Saturday-Sunday: at Hastings.
Monday: home vs. Spearfish, doubleheader, 4:35.
Tuesday: at Spearfish.
Wednesday-Thursday: at Souris Valley (Minot).
July 27: home vs. Hastings, 6:35.
July 28: home vs. Hastings, 6:35.
July 29: home vs. Hastings, 5:35.
July 30: home vs. Badlands, 6:35.
July 31: home vs. Badlands, 6:35. (Last home game)
Aug. 1: at Spearfish.

Pierre Trappers: In the past two weeks the Trappers won two of three vs. Casper, took three of four against Hub City and went 1-3 against Souris Valley.

Expedition League standings: Lewis Division—Souris Valley 28-12, Badlands 22-15, Pierre 18-21, Hub City 15-25. Clark Division—Western Nebraska 27-11, Spearfish 16-20, Hastings 16-24, Casper 12-26.

Pierre Post 8:
Friday-Sunday: at Gopher Classic, Minneapolis area.
(Pierre pool games in St. Paul at Northwestern University—Friday, 9 a.m., vs. Rosetown; Friday, 4:30 p.m., vs. Billings Royals; Saturday, 2 p.m., vs. Bemidji; Saturday, 4:30 p.m., vs. LaCrescent, Minn.; Sunday, 9 a.m., vs. Lino Lakes, Minn.)
July 19: home vs. Minot, 7:00.
July 20: home vs. Minot and Watertown, 11:00.
July 21: home vs. Sioux Falls East, 5:00.
July 26: at Bismarck, 5:30 and 7:30. (End of regular season)
Aug. 1-5: home for state Legion tournament.

Pierre Post 8: In the Minot tournament Post 8 lost to Bismarck 11-2, beat East Grand Forks 6-1, lost to Minot 13-2 in five innings and beat Saskatoon 5-1. Pierre split a twinbill against Mitchell, winning 7-4 and losing 9-1; lost twice to Rapid City Post 22, 6-5 and 8-1; beat Watertown 7-4 and lost to Fargo 7-4. Post 8 stood at 15-20 as of Wednesday, heading into the Gopher Classic.

Chicago Cubs:
Friday: at San Diego, 9:10.
Saturday: at San Diego, 9:10, MLBN.
Sunday: at San Diego, 3:10.
July 19-22: St. Louis.
July 23-26: Arizona.

Minnesota Twins:
Thursday: Tampa Bay, 7:10, FSN, MLBN.
Friday: Tampa Bay, 7:10, FSN.
Saturday: Tampa Bay, 1:10, FSN.
Sunday: Tampa Bay, 1:10, FSN.
July 20-22: at Kansas City.
July 23-25: at Toronto.
July 26: at Boston.

Colorado Rockies:
Thursday: Arizona, 1:20.
Friday: Seattle, 6:40.
Saturday: Seattle, 7:10.
Sunday: Seattle, 1:10.
July 20-22: at Arizona.
July 23-25: Houston.

Sioux Falls Canaries: In the past two weeks the Canaries won two of three vs. Cleburne, Gary and Texas; went 1-2 against Kansas City and split the first two games of the current Winnipeg series, including winning 4-2 in 18 innings, the longest game in Northern League history. Sioux Falls as of Wednesday morning stood at 20-28 in fifth place. The Canaries will be home vs. Fargo-Moorhead Friday through Monday and home vs. Winnipeg next Tuesday through Thursday before going out on the road to Chicago and Gary.


Smile more, growl less unless growling is warranted and howl often.
— Wolf Conservation Center


1 day: Black Hills Playhouse’s “Oklahoma!” (July 13-29).
5 days: MLB All-Star Game, Washington (July 17);
6 days: Espy awards, ABC-TV (July 18).
8 days: Jazzfest, Sioux Falls (July 20-21).
8 days: Pierre Players’ “Guys and Dolls” (July 20-22 and 26-29).
9 days: Hills Alive Christian music festival, Rapid City (July 21-22).
16 days: WNBA All-Star Game, Minneapolis (July 28).
20 days: State Legion baseball tournament, Pierre (Aug. 1-5).
22 days: Riggs High Class of ’78 reunion (Aug. 3-4).
22 days: Sturgis motorcycle rally (Aug. 3-12).
22 days: Sioux Empire Fair, Sioux Falls (Aug. 3-11).
22 days: Black Hills Playhouse’s “The Game’s Afoot, or Holmes for the Holidays” (Aug. 3-19).
28 days: Sully County Fair, Onida (Aug. 9-12).
29 days: Pierre soccer openers (Aug. 10).
30 days: Lilly Fest, Fort Pierre (Aug. 11).
36 days: Sully Buttes football opener (Aug. 17).
36 days: Stanley County football opener (Aug. 17).
39 days: First day of school at Riggs High (Aug. 20).
40 days: First day of school at Stanley County (Aug. 21).
41 days: First day of school at Pierre elementary and middle schools (Aug. 22).
43 days: Bluntfest, Blunt (Aug. 24-26).
44 days: Stanley County volleyball opener (Aug. 25).
44 days: Pierre football opener (Aug. 25).


“Don’t let life’s hard days turn down your volume.”
— Ginny Owens at the ELCA National Youth Gathering


Directions: Draw four boxes side-by-side. Then draw another row of four boxes directly below the first row. Draw a third row of boxes directly beneath the second row. Finally draw a fourth row of boxes directly beneath the other three rows. Number the top four boxes from the left 1, 2, 3 and 4. Number the left-hand box in the second row 5. Number the left-hand box in the third row 6. Number the left-hand box in the bottom row 7.

1 across: An island of Indonesia.
1 down: Jon —-, Riggs High ’04.
2 down: —- Rutschman, catcher for the national champs.
3 down: Whatever she wants, she gets.
4 down: Middle East country where there’s always trouble.
5 across: Smell.
6 across: —- Fitzgerald, legendary blues singer.
7 across: Speaker of the House who is retiring.

(Clues at bottom of this Update.)


“Stop Arguing” by Xavier Breath
— Literary Wordplay


PGA Champions Tour: Tom Byrum did not play in the U.S. Senior Open in Colorado. Next on the tour is the Constellation Senior Players Championship at Highland Park, Ill., Thursday through Sunday.


” . . . our liberty is not the right to do as we please but the opportunity to please to do what is right.”
— The Rev. Peter Marshall before the U.S. Senate


Minnesota Lynx: The Lynx won WNBA games over Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles while losing to Indiana and Chicago. The Lynx are home vs. Las Vegas Friday, Connecticut Sunday and Indiana next Wednesday, then play at Phoenix July 21 and New York July 24.


“Life is too short for regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forgive the ones who don’t and believe that everything happens for a reason. If you get the chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said it would be easy; they just promised it would be worth it.”
— Dr. Seuss


Sioux Falls Storm: The Storm has now been in the championship game of the Indoor Football League 14 times, but this time the Storm lost to Iowa, 42-38. It is the first-ever IFL title for Iowa. Sioux Falls’ record in the title game over the years is still a lofty 10-4.


An Oxford comma walks into a bar where it spends the evening watching the television getting drunk and smoking cigars.


Minnesota United FC: The Loons lost to Dallas, 1-0; defeated Toronto, 4-3, and lost to Houston, 3-0. Minnesota plays on the road at Real Salt Lake Saturday, New England next Wednesday and Los Angeles July 22.

World Cup schedule on Fox TV:
— third-place game, Belgium vs. England, 9 a.m. CDT Saturday.
— championship game, France vs. Croatia, 10 a.m. CDT Sunday.


Sometimes you have to stop worrying, wondering and doubting and just have faith that things will work out.
— Strong Mind


Thursday, July 12:
Marla Mosiman, Stephen Rae, Jason DeWitt, Nick Jeanotte, Kelsee (Larsen) Stahl, Mary Jo Johnson, Cailyn Hausmann, Jesse Ahlers, Melissa (Stevens) Gibson, Sherise (Baumberger) Wittler, Jessica Kuchta-Miller, Hallie Pottorff Scott Stabnow, Edward Ford, Leesa Johnson.
— 4th anniversary, Jacob/Kashia (Axthelm) Shumaker.
— 69th anniversary, Ed/Rhoda Baer.
— 15th anniversary, David/Jocelyn (Freidel) Ragan.
— 21st anniversary, Jared/Carrie (Gonsor) Sanderson.

Friday, July 13:
Jacob Howard, Lindsey Buntrock, Cheryl (Cruse) Bailey, Dawn (Lamb) Wagner, Marissa Jacobsen, Byron Jennings, Christopher Smith, Aralyn Vogel, Aubree (Vance) Smith, Mandee (Prue) Brinkman, Tyler Van Zee, Peggy Meyer, Matt Massey, Brandon Nickels, Vicki (Ramse) Blake.
— 55th anniversary, Mack/Karen Wyly.
— 16th anniversary, Ryan/Tessa (Heiss) Krueger.
— 5th anniversary, Joshua/Jessica (Callahan) Carr.
— 13th anniversary, Brian/Jessica (Crompton) Black.
— 5th anniversary, George/Heather (Knox) Sazama.
— 5th anniversary, Chris/Angela (DiBenedetto) Smith.

Saturday, July 14:
Tanner Kost, Garrison Gross, Andrea Clarke, David Voeltz, Brenton Crane, Heather (Clausen) Redetzke, Grant Jones, Tim Storly, Lindsey Coit, Amanda Engels, Kim (Pibal) Mentzer, Gavin Gran, Shirley Swanson.
— 6th anniversary, Tom/Brooke Hindman.
— 6th anniversary, Gavin/Samantha (Hestdalen) Van Zee.
— 45th anniversary, Larry/Mary Jo Johnson.
— 39th anniversary, Dennis/Lynette James.
— 11th anniversary, Chris/Mandee (Prue) Brinkman.

Sunday, July 15:
Zach Gilkerson, Brittanie Blaseg, Cyndi Menzel, Gina (Schaefer) Ahlers, Jean Mott, Jennifer Urbach, Daniel Ellenbecker, Ruth Smith, Drake Hagen, Joe Prieksat, Haley Hohn, Gloria Merriam, Kylie Knudson.
— 18th anniversary, Chris/Gina (Schaefer) Ahlers.
— 12th anniversary, Joe/Nikki (Grandpre) Wilson.
— 2nd anniversary, Bryan/Grace Beck.
— 1st anniversary, Cody/Erica (Guthmiller) Paxton.
— 1st anniversary, Will/Lindsay Uhrich.

Monday, July 16:
Gwen Jockheck, Brenda Stephens, Bob Duncan Jr., Ki Weingart, Hayden Miller, Ariana Hunt, Nikki Hoyme, Dorothy Lamb, Stephanie Odden.
— 1st anniversary, Kyle/Wren (Bishop) Hollingsworth
— 2nd anniversary, Kevin/Kristin (Meagher) Bowen.
— 10th anniversary, Matthew/Melissa (Wernke) Davis.
— 48th anniversary, Mike/Kim (Hazelrigg) Kirley
— 11th anniversary, Chris/Karen (Van Camp) DeJabet.

Tuesday, July 17:
Matt Heard, Tony Darger, Nance Orsbon, Chad Snodgrass, Jeremy Unruh, Logan Larsen, Crew Lund, Stella Hangebrauck, Rache Wulf, Karen DeAntoni, Hudson Parsons, Simon Gilmore, Austin Gildemaster, Justin Scott, Pat Prince, Cliff Curry, Chuck Finley, Finnian Murphy.
— 8th anniversary, Austin/Kari Lucas.
— 14th anniversary, Jarrod/Amber (Anderson) Edelen.

Wednesday, July 18:
Jill Burger, Amanda Crompton, Jean Donahue, Julie Welch, Jean Riedy, Ken Jaeger, Khloe Spaid, Dan Baltzell, Graham Schuetzle, Matti Shaw, Wyatt Fox, Kayleen Stoeser, Jason Kotilnek, Paisley Boyer, Amy Leidholt, Elizabeth Leidholt, Stine Gunderson.
— 9th anniversary, Jeffery/April (Chicoine) Smith.
— 3rd anniversary, Dustin/Laura (Hofer) Gaspar.

Thursday, July 19:
Karli (Larsen) Williams, Robert Hardwick, Mike Swenson, Josee Linn, Andre Sengos, Fern Barnett, Peter Hodges, Brittney Munyon, David Mackey, J.J. Iverson, Jaime (Snyder) Hamm.
— 15th anniversary, Tanner/Elena (Hyde) Norman.
— Anniversary, Leonard/Jackie Haggin.

Friday, July 20:
Karsin Garrigan, James Marie Nold, Damon Thielen, Marcy Fifield, Jacque Hahn, Harper Yackley, Michelle (Leidholt) Fonck, Kellie (Englehart) Beck, Molly (Huber) Hausmann, Phil Sheffield, Siri Segrud, Carol Crain, Brandi Hahn, Audrey Moodie, Michael Kelley, Mike Tveit, Amy LaFave, Chase Bolte, Miranda Tracy, Brandon Swenson, Steven Cronin, Patrick Wellner, Colton Hanson, Pamela Bonrud.
— 6th anniversary, Tyler/Chelsey Coverdale.
— 11th anniversary, Joe/Lisa Martin.
— 44th anniversary, Dennis/Lois Ries.
— 16th anniversary, Travis/Amber (Osnes) Antholz.
— 11th anniversary, Lance/Megan (Ulmen) Fravel.

Saturday, July 21:
Mandi Wharton, Starla Curtis, Adriane Wegman, Bill Stahl, Michelle (Bartel) Chenoweth, Ciara Tipton, Rhett LeBeau, Tyrel Larson.
— 12th anniversary, Brent/Katie (Lakner) Dill.
— 18th anniversary, Dusty/Jacquelyn Johnson.

Sunday, July 22:
Benjamin Roberts, Gayle (Kozel) Evans, Mark Burger, Jon Sailer, Mia Schrank, Tamie Brandt, Tom Johnson, Tenley Heiss, Ashlee (Roemen) Keyes, Don Stars Sr., Dawn (Kilian) Bradley, Jason Schumacher.
— 1st anniversary, Connor/Michaela (O’Daniel) Landberg.
— 1st anniversary, Travis/Megan Newling.
— 29th anniversary, Leo/Terry Disburg.
— 41st anniversary, Rod/Tawana (Zebroski) Grueb.
— 12th anniversary, Tyler/Megan Bryant.
— 7th anniversary, Brent/Grace Chittum.
We fondly remember Dalton Williams on his birthday.

Monday, July 23:
Becca (Fossen) Mehlhaff, Eve Heard, Nick Kruse, Janet Penticoff, Zack Word, Carson Carlisle, Adam Spellman, Caleb Currier, Kyle Weiger, Kristi (Schultz) Brakke, Kylie Nystrom, Mike Mehlhaff, Ashley Richter, Jason Sass, Ryan Geraets, Jalen Lamb.
— 2nd anniversary, Michael/Kimmie Bumann.
— 7th anniversary, Justin/Karli (Larsen) Williams.
— 2nd anniversary, Travis/Elizabeth (Lamb) Salmonson.
— 13th anniversary, Jason/Erin Bisbee.
— 24th anniversary, Steven/Maggie Stofferahn.

Tuesday, July 24:
Alexander Flynn, Jon Kotilnek, Patrick Conway, Chris Bell, Erin (Ryan) Bush, Jon Pier, Carol Pickering, Barry Jennings, Brecken Fuller, Tate Stoeser.
— 36th anniversary, Shane/Nancy Mundt.
— 14th anniversary, Chris/Kristina Bauck.
— 19th anniversary, Jason/Wendy (Kaiser) Wulf.
— 8th anniversary, John/Brittany (Kroll) Bergeson.
— 9th anniversary, Joel/Liz (Edman) Stauss.

Wednesday, July 25:
Tanna Zabel, Elizabeth Knutson, Zachary Bruzelius, Angie Johnson, Jon Rapp, Kenzie Clark, Chuck Hanson, Brad Lowery, Heidi (Larson) Shives, Cienna Tipton, Clara Ann Watson, Julie (Kusler) Skaggs, Kim Brakke, Diane (Curtis) Nuttall, Kim Stoeser, Benjamin Jacobson, Michaela Bear, Ranae Hoffman, Cheyenne Tyree-Ragsdale.
— 8th anniversary, Anthony/Tiana Johnson.
— 3rd anniversary, Rhener/Nicole (Loosbrock) Gordon.
— 3rd anniversary, Chip/Kendell King.
— 3rd anniversary, Tye/Sabrina Johnson
— Anniversary, Travis/Sarah Hendrix.
— 29th anniversary, Mark/Lynn Senftner.

Thursday, July 26:
Danielle McGee-Campbell, Lindsey Riter-Rapp, Brayden Maskovich, Tony Mangan, Bob Sutton, Conrad Adam, Kathy Riedy, Morgan (McLain) Willard, Meghan (Drewes) Hall, Rio Reeves, Annie Lueders, Austin Bishop, Laycie Williams.
— 15th anniversary, James/Crystal Dvorak.
— 8th anniversary, Colin/Kaycee (Miller) Larson.
— 15th anniversary, Matt/Annie Eberhard.
— 4th anniversary, Jared/Alex (Voeltz) Little.
— 4th anniversary, Evan/Angie Protexter.
— 15th anniversary, Nathan/Holly (Knox) Perli.
— 5th anniversary, Tyler/Tevan (Wenbourne) Newman.


“In seeking truth you have to get both sides of a story.”
— Walter Cronkite


— Penalty kicks are a terrible way to decide a World Cup soccer match, but, man, do they make it exciting! I wonder how the hundreds of yellow-coated security personnel, all facing the crowd rather than the field, can avoid turning around to watch the action! Can you imagine a playoff game in the NBA being decided, after three overtimes, by a free-throw contest? That would be fun to watch as each team alternately sends one man to the stripe with the best-of-five winning the game. Or the Super Bowl game, after two overtime periods, deciding its champion with field-goal kicks, each team alternately sending out its kicker, and so long as the teams remain tied, each subsequent kick comes from five yards farther back.

— One thing is certain. Yesterday’s Croatia-England semifinal had to have been one of the greatest World Cup soccer games ever. . . . And now you’re going to tell me you know exactly where in the world Croatia is located. . . . The celebrating in Zagreb is likely still going on by the time you read this.

— I wonder how many times I have yelled at my TV set in the past three weeks something to this effect: “Get up, you big baby. You’re not hurt!”

— Gary McMath is the latest to submit his all-time favorites in each major sport and his current favorites. Here is his list: All-time favorites—NFL, Brett Favre; college football, Jordy Nelson, Kansas State; NBA, Larry Bird; college basketball, Mike Miller, Florida; baseball, Mickey Mantle; tennis, Jimmy Connors; golf, Arnold Palmer. Current favorites—NFL, Aaron Rodgers; college football, Trace McSorley, Penn State; NBA, Jason Tatum; college basketball, Mike Daum, SDSU; baseball, Aaron Judge; tennis, Roger Federer; golf, Phil Mickelson.

— The new PBS series “10 That Changed America” focused on 10 cities this past Tuesday. Next week on July 17 the program will tell the stories behind 10 of America’s most prominent monuments, including the Statue of Liberty and Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Check your local listings to find when South Dakota Public Broadcasting will air the show.

— This every-other-week schedule for the Midweek Update is a welcome relief. We will do it once again, so your next Update should appear in your inboxes two weeks from today on July 26.

Some of the latest bruises to the English language:

  • From a USA Today sports story: “Neither of them are Manny Machado.”
  • From the title of a new ABC-TV show: “The Kids Are Alright.”
  • From Fox Sports Radio: “. . . it was hard on my wife and I . . .”
  • From ESPN Radio: “. . . he wouldn’t have went to San Antonio . . .”
  • From Fox Sports Radio: “. . . Him and his people didn’t want him to go there.”
  • From a KELO-TV commercial: “How does your best friend spend their summer?”
  • From the S.D. Democratic Party Facebook page: ” . . . the benefits of every GOP tax cut since 2000 have almost entirely went to the very wealthy.”

Q. & A.

Q.: How do you comfort a grammar teacher?
A.: “There, they’re, their.”
— Contributed by Jason Ferguson of the Custer Chronicle


July 14: Shawn Hlavacek/Rebekah Hartmann.
Aug. 11: Steve Long/Cassie Amundson.
Aug. 18: Todd Leiferman/Hillary Handcock.
Aug. 18: Jason Noyes/Micki DeCurtins.
Aug. 19: Derek Berman/Danea Duxbury.
Aug. 25: Steven Gordon/Katelynn Engh.
Sept. 29: Tyler Arbach/Rachel Hartmann.
Oct. 6: Cale Pell/Sarah Lihs.
Oct. 6: Rodd Bauck/Megan Vockrodt.
Aug. 31, 2019: Devin Maki/Karlie Warne.


“I have always thought of this (journalism) industry more like a headlight, illuminating what’s right in front of us so all can see it, but more importantly allowing us as a society to look farther down the road to anticipate what could be coming and change our course if needed. I think we need that light as much as ever.”
— Jodi Schwan in “Siioux Falls Busness with Jodi Schwan”


Tate Uecker, who has worked in Denver for several years, has moved downstate to Walsenburg, Colo. He does contract software development and is able to work out of his home.

Ella Ward-Zeller of the Pierre Swim Team set a new state record for 13-14 girls in the 100-meter backstroke during the Sioux Falls Invitational last weekend.

Music at the Legion deck on Sundays at 5:30 will be provided by The Barstool Boys on July 15 and the B&G Band on July 22.

Bob Ellwanger, a member of the Pierre Athletic Hall of Fame, died June 28 after a 6 1/2-year battle with prostate and bone cancer. A celebration of his life took place July 9 at Canyon Lake United Methodist Church in Rapid City. During his school years in Pierre, Bob was a member of the 1964 Teeners state baseball championship team which went to the national tournament in Hershey, Pa. He was also a member of the Post 8 state Legion championship teams of 1967 and 1968. He played football at SDSU from 1969 to 1971 and baseball there from 1970 to 1972. After college Bob taught at Newell, McIntosh, Douglas and Rapid City Stevens. While in Rapid City, he played on the great Macy’s amateur baseball teams. He and his wife Ellen were married in 1973. Bob attended National College of Chiropractic in Illinois for three years, then bought an established practice in Rapid City where the Ellwangers raised their three daughters. He coached his daughters in their athletics and grandchildren as well. Among his survivors are his wife; daughter Andrea Byrd, her husband Shane and their four children of Rapid City; daughter Erin Tivis, her husband Charlie and their two children of Rapid City; daughter Cara Deiss, her husband Anthony and their two children of Rapid City; his sister, Gloria Merriam and her husband Rick in Pierre; his brother, Bill Ellwanger and his wife Stacy in Pierre, and his brother, Gary Ellwanger and his wife Virginia of Sun City West, Ariz.

The Summit League’s Academic Honor Roll, which requires a grade-point average of at least 3.20, includes women’s basketball players Chloe Lamb, freshman from Onida; Caitlin Duffy, senior from Rapid City, and Ciara Duffy, sophomore from Rapid City (4.0), and women’s golfer Katie Bartlett, sophomore from Pierre.

Leann (Nye) Goff, 62, died at home July 8. Services are being held today (Thursday) at 1 p.m. at the Isburg Funeral Chapel. A 1973 graduate of Pierre High School, Leann married Bill Goff in 1972. She worked for more than 30 years as office manager for Pioneer Oil until it closed, then worked for 15 years at First National Bank. She is survived by her husband of 45 years, Bill Goff; sons David Goff of Kranzburg and Thomas Goff of Pierre; daughter Samantha Briggs of Pierre; her mother, Gladys Nye of Pierre; eight grandchildren, and brothers Thomas Nye and Donald Nye. Among those who preceded her in death were her father, Leroy Nye, and her brother, Alan Nye.

The Pierre School Board reorganized for the 2018-19 school year Monday night. Randy Hartmann will serve as chairman and Dr. Paul Turman vice chairman. New three-year terms are beginning for Dennis James and Randy Hartmann.

Roger Scheibe was selected 2018 Governor’s Ag Ambassador Award recipient. He is being honored today at Governor Daugaard’s Ag Summit in Rapid City. Scheibe has worked for 43 years in a number of roles, all supporting South Dakota dairy farm families.

Parker McKittrick received his white coat in a ceremony at the College of Chiropractic at Northwestern Health Services University in Bloomington, Minn. He will graduate there in December 2019.

Our sympathy to Chuck and Dawnita Forell and all of their family. Chuck’s sister, Judy Ann (Forell) Sharples of Powell, Wyo., died July 7 in a Billings hospital from breast cancer complications. She was a native of Chamberlain. She is survived by three daughters, four grandchildren, a great-grandchild, and two other siblings besides Chuck.

Mark Salter was sworn in as the newest member of the South Dakota Supreme Court Monday.

Nolan Burchill, who just completed his sophomore year as an economics major at the University of Minnesota, didn’t play baseball for the Big 10 champion Gophers this spring season due to a medical redshirt, so he still has three years of eligibility remaining. He was named to the Big 10 Academic All-Conference team. Nolan, a graduate of Sioux Falls Lincoln, is the son of Tom and Paula (Adam) Burchill.

Abe and Kate Storms of Bismarck are the parents of a son, Leo Wayne Storms, who was born June 29. He weighed 9 pounds, 5.4 ounces and measured 23 inches. The Storms also have a daughter, Ellie, 5. Abe works at St. Alexius Medical Center in Bismarck.

The Dueling Duo will be at their piano keyboards at Drifters for an 8:30 p.m. show this Saturday, July 14. Meanwhile, at the Silver Spur the Lonestar band will be joined by Westbound and Truvail for an 8 p.m. show this Friday, July 13. The Drifters Summer Patio Sessions at 6:30 p.m. each Thursday start next week on July 19.

Peyton Zabel has made his decision. He will forego the temptation of the signing money from the Milwaukee Brewers to go instead to Augustana University where he intends to play football and baseball. He will be eligible to be drafted by a major-league team again in three years.

Former Pierre resident Juanita McKeever’s children and grandchildren surprised her royally by converging on Coon Rapids, Minn., from their homes in Nevada, South Dakota, Illinois and Minnesota to celebrate her birthday.

Pauline “Polly” (Noren Wilson Nelson) Donaldson, 98, died of natural causes June 22 at Clarkson Health Care in Rapid City. A celebration of her life took place at the Big Bend Presbyterian Church west of Rapid City on July 5. Born in Pierre in 1920 to Paul and Clara Noren, Polly graduated from Pierre High School, attended Stephens College in Missouri and earned a dietary science degree at Iowa State where she met Walter Wilson. They married in 1942. Walter became a flight engineer with the U.S. Air Force and was lost in the waters near Japan just three weeks before World War II ended. Back in Pierre, Polly met Bernie Nelson, a biologist with the Department of Game, Fish and Parks. They married and raised three children. The Nelson family moved to Regina, Saskatchewan, where Bernie worked for Saskatchewan Game and Parks for eight years. Back in Pierre, Bernie and Polly established their real estate business and developed the land they had purchased earlier. Bernie died in 1992. At age 75 Polly reunited with a family friend, Clyde Donaldson, and they married in 1995. They moved to the Thunderhead Falls area west of Rapid City. Clyde died of a heart attack soon thereafter. Polly stayed at their home and made a life for herself amid many new friends. She is survived by daughter Carol (Wilson) Heiden of Nurnberg, Germany; daughter, Martha Nelson of New York City; son Eric Nelson of Pacifica, Calif.; stepson Doug Donaldson of Albany, Calif.; daughter-in-law Kathy Nelson; five grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. In addition to her three husbands, Polly was preceded in death by her son, Nels Nelson.

Blake Simon, son of Geoff and Beth Simon of Bismarck, formerly of Pierre, was married on June 30 to Nicole Scully. Blake, who earned his bachelor’s degree at USD, is executive chef at the Ramkota Hotel and Conference Center in Bismarck, and Nicole is a credit agent for Montana Dakota Utilities.

Patsy Kringel was moved from Avera St. Mary’s Hospital over to the Maryhouse nursing/rehabilitation facility for awhile last week. She has been recovering not only from pneumonia but also from the effects of a fall.

Belated 67th wedding anniversary greetings to former Blunt residents Marvin and Dorothy Massey of Rapid City.

Onida native Kristen (Colestock) Pittmann and her husband, Jason, of Baltic and their daughter Julia took their son and brother, Jayden Pittmann, to West Point, N.Y., where he became a part of the U.S. Military Academy’s Cadet Corps. The PIttmanns all spent two days in New York City and New Jersey before attending Jayden’s oath ceremony at West Point. Friends of Kristen and her parents who would like to send words of encouragement to Jayden can do so for the next month until the cadets become the freshman class of the academy and the true school year begins. His mail address is: New Cadet Jayden J. Pittmann, Company F-2, P.O. Box 3148, West Point NY 10997-3148.

Blunt native Sue Bourk is retiring after more than 38 years of service in offices at the Hughes County courthouse.

Filmmaker Andrew Kightlinger (Riggs High ’04, Augustana ’08) won first place for best screenplay at the Vail Film Festival and first place for best narrative feature at the Beloit International Film Festival, both for “Tater Tot and Patton.”

The 8 a.m. Sunday services out at the Oahe Chapel will be conducted by the Rev. Roger Easland July 15 and by First Baptist Church July 22.

Next Wednesday’s Capital City Band concert on July 18 at the Steamboat Park amphitheater will have a “Broadway Bound” theme. The cast from Pierre Players’ “Guys and Dolls” will perform during the concert.

“Guys and Dolls” will have its opening weekend next week with 7:30 shows July 20 and 21 and a 2:00 matinee July 22. Call the box office at 224-7826 to make ticket reservations. Subsequent performances will be at 7:30 on July 26, 27 and 28 and 2:00 on July 29.

Fern Lyngstad passed away July 1 at Avera Maryhouse at the age of 105. A prayer service will be held at 7 p.m. tonight (Thursday) at Lutheran Memorial Church, preceded by a gathering from 6 to 7. A memorial service is planned for 1 p.m. Friday at the Maryhouse Chapel. Internment will occur on a later date at Yankton. Mrs. Lyngstad grew up in the Mission Hill area and attended high school at Irene. She and Carl Lyngstad were married in 1934. After a year on a dairy farm in Wisconsin, they came back to South Dakota and farmed at Wakonda until 1956. They were in Wisconsin again briefly, then returned to South Dakota permanently ih 1958. Fern worked at the Human Services Center in Yankton until her retirement. She moved to Pierre in the late 1990s to be closer to family members. At the age of 99 she became a resident of Maryhouse. She is survived by a sister, Pearl Bak of Menno; her son, Larry Lyngstad and his wife Gail of Pierre; her daughter, Gloria Lyngstad of Brea, Calif.; nine grandchildren, 20 great-grandchildren and five great-great-grandchildren. Among those preceding her in death were her parents, her husband, four brothers, three sisters, daughter Shirley Houg and son Dennis Lyngstad.

Alberta (Flansburg) Olson has been accepted into the master’s program in social work, starting Aug. 20. The two-year program is through Western New Mexico University.

Mike and Kate Clegg of Omaha now have three sons in their family. Their latest boy, Henry, was born July 8. He joins brothers Jackson and Aiden in the family.

Barb (Sutera) Opitz, youngest daughter of Dan and Helen Sutera of Onida, was diagnosed with primary biliary cirrhosis of the liver in 2009. Over the years since, her liver has been gradually failing. She was placed on the Mayo Clinic transplant list last November. In the meantime her older sister, Mary Sieck of Onida, was found to be a match as a live donor. The surgery was scheduled to take place yesterday (Wednesday) at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. You can follow their progress at www.caringbridge.org/visit/barbopitz.

The funeral service was held Tuesday at Southeast United Methodist Church in Pierre for Briar Curtis Byrum, who died July 6 at Avera McKennan Hospital. He had been born four months prematurely on June 7, weighing only 1 pound, 4 ounces. He is survived by his parents, Elijah Curtis Cook Byrum and Caitlin Pinela; his grandparents, Nathan Byrum, Corrina Byrum and Amy Pinela; his great-grandparents, Mary Morin, Gala Byrum and Brad and Barbara Byrum, and his great-great-grandparents, Jean Lahman, Mildred Raymond and Laurence and Karen Byrum.

More than a dozen businesses located on upper Pierre Street and around the corners on Capitol Avenue are joining together to sponsor Hot Summer Night tonight (Thursday) from 5 to 8 p.m. There will be street music, a wagon and stroller parade, sidewalk art and in-store drawings, specials and activities.

Darrell Jennings Jr., 80, Rapid City, formerly of Pierre, died July 6 at Rapid City Regional Hospice House. Services will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, July 14, at the Fort Pierre Congregational Church. He graduated from Pierre High School i 1957 and attended Northern State Teachers College. He and Nanci Bromberg were married in 1962, and they made their home in Rapid City. Darrell began his career as an insurance agent in 1968. Soon after 2000 he began a new career working with tourists at Keystone. He is survived by his wife, Nanci; daughters Paula Burns of Fayetteville, N.C., and Julie Brogan of Summerset; three grandchildren; brothers Keith Jennings and Robert Jennings and sisters Jeannie Thielen and Lois Finn.


“I remind myself what I do know and believe to be true. I believe that we still live in a great nation, one that we all are so lucky to call home. I believe that we live in what I like to call a ‘purple nation,’ one where it’s not red vs. blue but where red and blue mix together to give us the majestic and brilliant color purple. It’s a color of independence, unity and freedom. I believe that we have more in common than we realize. I think the two political parties drive us apart and make us live in a state of distrust and judgment, but I believe that, if we all sat still for just ten minutes, then we would calm our minds and our central nervous systems and realize that it doesn’t have to be this way.”
— Maria Shriver




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