Common Bugs and Insects Found in South Dakota

There are a total of 537 Common Bugs and Insects Found in South Dakota. You need to check out this site, very interesting and I have seen quite a few of the “bugs” listed –

Diverse Thin-Legged Wolf Spiders are bold enough to look right back at people who stare at them.

This genus of wolf spiders can be found throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. They are dark and can have striped, speckles or bands. They have long, spines on their legs and are covered with hair themselves.

The eyes of this type of spider reflect light at night in the same way a deer or cat’s eyes do. Shining a flashlight at one will demonstrate this effect (see photo).

Thin-legged Wolf Spiders are active hunters and maintain a territory. They do not build web shelters for themselves; instead, they roam, day or night, for prey. They have been seen soaking in sunlight to keep warm as this allows them to move faster.

A female will spin a cocoon out of her silk and drag it behind her, filled with eggs. The greenish color fades to gray as it ages and spiderlings emerge and are carried on the females back until maturity.