Spearfish Creek in the Canyon Fly Fishing Report

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With the late snow and quite a bit of rain, Spearfish Creek in the canyon is running higher and very strong. Even the stretch past Bridal Veil Falls is high and flowing fast. Typically I don’t fish that stretch because of the “very slow flow” and how spooky the trout are, but decided to give it a try this time with the higher water. I focused on the slack water areas where the trout would get out of the real fast water, and ended up catching about 5 or so brown trout. It was a little rough navigating the fast water, and at one point while tying on a fly, my fly rod floated away and I almost lost it! I fished for a few hours, it was a beautiful afternoon. Tourist season is kicking in so there was lots of traffic going through the area.



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Photography by Jon Sailer

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