Spearfish Creek Fly Fishing Report for September 29, 2018

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I promised the little brown trout that I would use his photo for my main blog post.

Did some fly fishing in the Spearfish Creek again this afternoon. Overcast, temp around 46 degrees in the Canyon. Water temp…I lost feeling in my feet it was so cold. Lots of people in the canyon, only saw one other fisherman. I fished a stretch that flows pretty fast this time, so the best spots are slower current breaks, behind big rocks that create eddy’s and some are tucked up next to the bank. I caught a few large brown trout this time, and a nice little rainbow.

I saw a brown mink with a trout in it’s mouth running along the bank. I sat very still waiting for him and he actually came out and stared at me for a moment. Unfortunately, I only had my cell phone to take a photo with so he is hard to see…:(


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