First off, my wife had to comment on my photos…she said all the fish look the same. Not sure if she was insinuating that I use the same fish picture each time or catch the same fish each time…the only thing the same is my hand. Maybe each trip I could wear a different colored glove I guess.

I fished from around 5pm to 7pm in a stretch of Spearfish Creek near Savoy. I am looking forward to our first Fall out here in Spearfish. Some of the trees in the canyon are starting to turn golden. I can hardly wait to see Fall in full swing in the canyon. Even the trout appear to be changing into their “Fall” colors. Their spots are vibrant, and their underbellies are golden.

I caught a handful of brown trout, no Rainbows this time. Some of the deeper pools have a lot of fish, some nice sized but they were not interested in eating my beaded pheasant tail nymph. The brown trout that I caught were all hugging the creek bank in the slower current.