I thought this would something neat for your South Dakota Kids to check out. The PDF brochure is pretty simple. The pictures are black/white and small, but they have nice descriptions for each of the South Dakota animals. The Mammals of South Dakota poster print I found on Etsy would make a cool gift that your kid could hang on their bedroom wall.

South Dakota Wildlife Brochure

South Dakota’s rolling plains, wooded stream bottoms and timbered hills are alive with birds and mammals. Being able to recognize wildlife species or sign of their activities can increase the pleasure of a hike in the woods, a trip to a marsh, an evening stroll or a Sunday drive. This simple brochure will help you identify and learn about some of South Dakota’s wildlife.

South Dakota Wildlife PDF Brochure by the SD Game, Fish and Parks

Mammals of South Dakota Poster Print

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Mammals of South Dakota Poster Print