Just shining a spotlight on Bill Adrian from Whitewood, South Dakota who invented the EZ Grip Mud Flap Hanger.

WHITE RIVER, S.D. – As he scraped his knuckles on the snow- and ice-covered bolts trying to replace a torn mud flap on his trailer, he thought to himself, there had to be a better way. So he put his thoughts into action and the prototype for The Original EZ Grip™ Mud Flap Hanger hit the highways in 1996. Since then, the patented hanger has proven its convenience and reliability through extensive over-the-road testing with severe usage and seasonal conditions.

EZ Grip Trailer Model Video from EZ Grip on Vimeo.

EZ Grip is proudly manufactured in the USA and comes with a money-back guarantee against defective material and workmanship. The hanger and all parts are American made.

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I have been using the EZ Grip on my flatbed for over a year now. In that time I haven’t had to replace a mud flap due to torn flaps. I’d recommend the EZ Grip to anyone who repeatedly backs over curbs or other obstacles (rock piles, loading docks, etc.).”

“The savings in time and frustration are worth the cost, not to mention the ability to avoid fines from the DOT by being able to replace mud flaps on the spot.”

Mark Nelson, Owner
Mark J Nelson Trucking
Philip, South Dakota


“Because of the salt and severe usage, we expect a truck in our fleet of 45 dump trucks to last 20 years. We chose EZ Grip because of its stainless steel construction and its performance under the harshest conditions. We wanted a product that would last, too.”

“Instead of ripping flaps, EZ Grip releases them and the flaps are reusable. I have a large seasonal crew that hauls gravel. With EZ Grip, operators can put the flaps back on out in the field.”

John Prijic, Superintendent of Streets
City of Kenosha, Wisconsin