Driving down a gravel road east of Belle Fourche while out taking photos, I came across some Dung Beetles rolling dung across the road. I stopped and took a video and a photo. I helped the pair across the road so they wouldn’t get run over.

Benefits of Dung Beetle Activity

Dung beetles are coprophagous (i.e., dung-feeding) insects that play a vital role in the decomposition process of animal waste. In South Dakota, dung beetles help regulate rangeland health through dung dispersal. They work to rapidly remove dung from the surface and bury it underground to feed their offspring. By burying dung, the beetles contribute to increasing organic matter content and overall soil fertility. These nutrient pulses become available to grassland vegetation, which helps to boost forage production. Continued here: https://extension.sdstate.edu/promoting-dung-beetles-range#:~:text=In%20South%20Dakota%2C%20dung%20beetles,content%20and%20overall%20soil%20fertility.