Fort Pierre Livestock Market Report – Friday, August 16, 2019

Good run weigh-ups, on a higher market. Had a light run of feeders, mostly part loads & packages. Market was definitely lower compared to our last feeder sale 3 weeks ago, due to the royal screwing we took from the fat cattle packers, with the help of the commodity cowboys earlier this week. It appears that fat cattle packers had over $700 gross profit margin on fat cattle as of last Friday morning. That is criminal!!! If these packers get our feeders broke and all under contract, just like they did to the hog producers, then the part is over and you ain’t going to like the clean up!!! Call your Senators & Representatives and your Governor and tell them to stop this crap. Call the Packers & Stockyards Administration (302-375-4256) and the US Dept. of Justice and tell them to do their job enforcing the laws against monopolistic practices, collusion & price fixing in the cattle industry by the major packers. Your livelihood depends on it!!!