I have caught a handful of rainbows in Spearfish Canyon, always using my favorite rig – a strike indicator and small beaded nymph. The Rainbows that I have caught were in stretches of stream past Bridal Veil Falls. Again, the brown trout rules the water but usually on every trip I manage to hook a rainbow. I have noticed all the trout in the canyon have a darker color or shade to them, and the rainbow colors really pop out in high contrast. All the rainbows I have caught in Spearfish Creek have come in deeper pockets of water, they don’t seem to explore areas as much as browns. I always practice catch and release, and I flatten the barbs on my flies to make releasing fish much easier on the fish and me. Spearfish Creek from the Homestake Hydro Plant No.2 downstream to the face of the Maurice Intake Dam is catch and release for rainbow trout.