Jana Morehouse, M.S., RPA – Operations Manager & Principal Investigator, Archeology

I saw some construction going on in the Tin Lizzie parking lot in Deadwood. I figured they were just repairing some underground parking lot pipes. Turns out it’s a Quality Services, Inc. Archeology dig. Jana Morehouse, Operations Manager & Principle Investigator shared some information and some of their finds with me and a few other curious spectators. So far they have found a few small animal bones, and a star shaped trinket or piece of jewelry. Jana said they are hoping to find some Chinese related artifacts – (here is a good article on the Chinese Influence in Early Deadwood). They will continue work until the ground freezes. Eventually, around 16 individual holes will be randomly dug throughout the parking lot. Down the road, the parking lot will be home to a brand new hotel being built by https://www.livhotelgroup.com/.

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Quality Services, Inc. is a small business enterprise founded in 1981.  Located in Rapid City, South Dakota, QSI specializes in cultural resource management with an emphasis in archeology, geophysics, history, and paleontology.  The QSI team is composed of individuals with diverse professional and technical expertise with experience in the Northern Plains, Rocky Mountain, Midwest and several other geographic areas across the continental United States and internationally.

As our name indicates, Quality Services, Inc. products are of the highest caliber due to our experience, knowledge, and thorough comprehension of federal, state, and local requirements.  Our excellent working relationships with tribal organizations, government agencies, State Historic Preservation Offices and other regulatory bodies is key to our success in meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients.


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