Joel Johnson from Burke, South Dakota came up with this unique idea for a “customized book” based on the Revolutionary War. Check out his website for more information – or to place your customized book order.

Instill a Love for Reading

A primary goal of mine is to entice children to read.  I truly feel that if you can get children excited about reading that it will carry through for the rest of their life.  I know that to be true in my own life and I have seen it in other people as well.  By personalizing the book, the reader feels the need, as one reader put it “I felt I had to keep reading so I knew what happened to myself”.

Educate the Reader

One of the goals I set for myself before doing this project was to educate the reader.  Not only educate them about some of the major participants of the Revolutionary War, but to give them a little deeper understanding of why we went to war in the first place.  I also wanted to show the reader that there were actually two sides that needed to be told, unlike the history textbooks I grew up reading.  Hopefully I have accomplished that.

Learn from Famous Leaders in History

Yet another goal was to allow the reader to “meet” people that they have heard about, read about, and studied about.  I also feel it is important to show the young reader that even people who are remembered for doing great things had their own issues.  In this book, the hero / heroine is responsible for talking some of these men through some difficult parts of their life.  I think that is a good thing – to show the reader that people can have faults, or moments of doubt, but then can work through that to truly accomplish great things.