It works buy it!

That is my professional review. No, seriously Heather purchased a Potato Storage Bag from Current Catalog about a month ago. Before that I had a bag of potatoes literally sprout legs and walk out the door looking for dirt. They didn’t last a week! Not anymore. I bought a bag of potatoes from Wal-Mart more than a week ago and they are still fresh, maybe a little softer but no sprouting at all.

Here were the conditions for testing:

Regular red potatoes inside the plastic bag they come in from Wal-mart. I opened the bag and used a couple potatoes and then just sealed them up with the plastic clip. I sat them on a chair in the corner of the kitchen. The kitchen gets sunshine through the window that faces west, so it’s usually pretty bright in there most of the day. I was startled how fast the potatoes went bad, in less than a week they were already sprouting and unusable. Purchased another bag of potatoes and put them inside the Potato Storage Bag and sat them on the same chair in the kitchen. It has been over a week now and they are still fine. Obviously, it has to do with the sunlight and the warmer temps near the sunny window. I suppose I could just put the potatoes inside a cabinet where it is darker and a little cooler. Whatever the case may be, the bag does it’s job and it looks nice sitting there too.

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Here is a video about using potatoes that have sprouted, and if you can still use them.