Pine-Clad Candle Co. Established in 2017

Bring the Black Hills In

Janelle & Ben Beebe, founders of Pine-Clad Candle Co.

Pine-Clad Candle Co. is a home based, small mom & pop business based in the Black Hills of South Dakota. We specialize in handmade high quality wooden wick soy candles and wax melts. We offer a unique variety of curated scents inspired by our home in South Dakota, focusing on woodsy, earthy scents inspired by nature; but we have something for everyone to enjoy! All of our products are soy based, free of dyes, lead, petroleum, phthalates and made with all U.S. made materials.

Janelle’s love of creating and trying new things grew into a pure passion of the science & art involved in candle making. It was also important for us to make a healthier, high quality candle for our households enjoyment. We have two beautiful children and we both have full time jobs as well. Candle making is Janelle’s unwind time and passion. A lot of thought and attention to detail go into every product. Our company and our products are inspired by our home.

Thank you for checking us out. Let us know how we can help you find your new favorite scent!


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Our Process

Each soy candle and wax melt is hand-poured in house in small batches to insure quality. We have a large variety of scents, and custom blends of fragrance that are mixed by hand into the melted soy wax and then slowly poured into jars made out of recycled glass. The candles then cure to give you a great smelling handmade candle.

Why Pine-Clad Candle Co?

By choosing a Pine-Clad Candle Co. creation you’re supporting a small business, a family, a dream, American farmers and our local economy. Soy candles are a great eco-friendly option.

Our creations are made with all U.S. made materials:

  • All Natural Soy Wax – The wax used in our products derives from U.S. grown soybeans, it’s natural, biodegradable, renewable and cleaner burning; producing little to no soot. Most all of our candles are dye free with the exception of some of our seasonal collection.
  • High quality fragrance oils.
  • Natural wooden wicks – The wicks used in our candles are made from sappy fruit trees and only sourced from FSC certified mills. They have a lovely crackle and a nice ambiance. The company we use believes in sustainability, they have partnered with Trees for the Future. Each time you purchase a candle you’re helping trees get planted.
  • Recycled glass jars.
  • Our soy candles are also slow burning giving you twice the candle and more for your money.