2019 Pike Master Tournament is canceled until next April due to accessibility and safety of our fishermen.

The first annual Lake Oahe Pike Masters Tournament was held back in 2013. With 19 teams in the books the first year, the tournament has now grown to 40 teams.  All teams are grandfathered in if they pay their entry fee by our cutoff date – otherwise it goes to a team on the waiting list. The first year we fished in a snow storm and 2 years ago everyone got sunburns, so we fish in all kinds of conditions. As the tournament grows, so do the northern pike in Lake Oahe, with 20 pound pike being caught regularly.

We currently weigh the best 8 pike per team. The Annual Pike Masters Tournament is the third Saturday in April – unless that falls over Easter then it is bumped back a weekend. Weigh-ins and the rules meeting are held at the Hoop Building near the Outpost Lodge.

Greg Goodman is the co-director and MC for the tournament. Co-organizer Willie Gloe.