We met some friends last night at the Historic Franklin Hotel to eat at Legends. I always take time and head upstairs to the hotel rooms where some of the doors are marked with the names of their famous guests, like Theodore Roosevelt, William Taft, John Wayne, Buffalo Bill Cody, Babe Ruth and world heavyweight champion John L. Sullivan. I try to picture them walking down the halls or coming down the beautiful grand staircase.

So, as I was waiting in line to get our names on the waiting list, down the staircase came some guests dressed in period-clothing. One even had a pair of six shooters on each hip. It felt like I was taken back in time for a moment. I asked the lady behind me if she could hold my spot and I headed over to see what their story was. I talked to the nice lady in the photograph below and she said they were part of a Wild West Tour – Great American Adventures. She said there are 26 of them on this particular tour called “Wild Bill Hickok’s Last Ride“. I tried to get some of them together for a photograph but could only round up 4 of them. Looking at the website for this tour, their itinerary says they will be departing the Franklin Hotel at 3:00 PM next Saturday…maybe then I can get them all together for a group shot…that would be so cool.

History of the Franklin Hotel – https://www.silveradofranklin.com/about/history.html

Legends Steak House – https://www.silveradofranklin.com/food-drink/legends-steakhouse.html

Great American Adventures – https://great-american-adventures.com/

Wild Bill Hickok’s Last Ride – https://great-american-adventures.com/wild-bill-hickoks-last-ride-deadwood-south-dakota/