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According to the Midweek Update Archives, November 10, 2005 was my first Midweek Update. Parker has been emailing me his weekly news for almost 13 years! It sure has been a pleasure. Parker, if you are reading this, 13 years of emailing someone and never actually meeting them are too long. My next blog post will have to be “Meeting Parker Knox”.


About Parker

Grew up in Onida (OHS ’56).

Huron College (’60).

Taught school for 17 years (Wessington Springs 2 years, Onida 1 year, Huron Junior High 1 year, Blunt 5 years, Sully Buttes 8 years).

Worked at Pierre Capital Journal for 2 years. Made irrational decision to purchase hometown newspaper, Onida Watchman. (Don’t ever do that!) Owned Watchman for 17 years. In the meantime was welcomed back at the Capital Journal (1989-retirement in 2004).

Moved to Rapid City where most of my kids were (are!). One grandkid at the time; six now and all six are here! Wonderful! Three of my four kids are here, too.

2007-2013, went to Vermillion; lived with daughter to help with her little boy while she finished law school. They returned to Rapid City, but I stayed four more years. Loved it there!

This Midweek Update thing began after Riggs High Class of ’96 went to college. I typed up a one-page sheet of hometown news each week and mailed it (with postage stamps in envelopes!) to about a dozen of the kids in that class with whom I had had music/theater/sports contacts via the Journal. Slowly (very slowly!) I discovered this e-mail thing and found it much easier to send the “news” out that way rather than by mail. Cheaper, too. Back in the day I was forwarding it to people, one e-mail at a time. (Now I can’t believe I did that.) Eventually the Hipples at the Journal introduced me to their mailing system, and I was able to simply hand over the Update to them and they sent it out to everybody on the mailing list. When they sold the paper to the chain, the latter chose not to continue to send it. BPro came to the rescue!


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