Father’s Day. One thing I know for sure is that life can really pass you by. You get busy with school, job, your own family, and before you know it you don’t have time for some of the most important things in life – Your Dad. I lost my Dad back in 2005 to cancer. Growing up I did a lot of things with my Dad, but not nearly enough. When you are a kid you think there are way more important things to do besides hanging out with our boring old Dad. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself that I need to spend more time with Dad, because someday I will regret it. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my Dad. I sometimes find myself doing things my dad loved to do. Dad would sit in his garage, the big door open, enjoying the quiet, and the cool breeze passing through. Maybe he was thinking about some projects he wanted to work on. Maybe he was even thinking about his Dad. I love sitting in my garage with the door open, just like Dad did. I sit and feel that nice breeze, and I think about my projects while I stare out at the clouds slowly drifting by. I think about my Dad and how I wish he was sitting there with me. We wouldn’t have to say a word, just sit there together enjoying the breeze.