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Federal and State Criminal Defense Lawyer

Thompson Law represents people facing federal and state criminal charges in Pierre, SD, and surrounding counties. We have over 20 years of law field experience in the legal industry. As experienced criminal lawyers in Pierre, SD, we will look at every aspect of your case from the initial phase to trial, including witness testimonies, police records, and other evidence, to discover weaknesses and opportunities to achieve positive results in your defense.

Unmatched Legal Trial Options

Our highly creative strategies, dedication, and compassion towards every criminal case bring the mastery of criminal law to yield the best possible results to protect the legal rights and liberties of clients. Let Thompson Law guide you through your best legal options with an effective plan of action leading the path to success.

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Allow us to assist you with sorting out your most result-driven choices for your defense. The sooner you have an appropriate strategy, the better your possibilities finding the right ways to get the outcomes you need. Don’t wait! Get in touch with us for a consultation.

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