If you love motorcycles or need a part for a motorcycle, specifically a 1936-1953 vintage Indian Motorcycle – this place is for you. I am not much of a motorcycle guy, but I really enjoy old vintage motorcycles and watching the American Pickers on TV and Mike’s passion for old motorcycles. Like the episode where they dug up the old, crusty Indian in that ladies yard. Seeing these vintage bikes up close at Jerry Greer’s was pretty cool. Make sure to stop in and check things out if you are Deadwood.

Indian Motorcycle

On a side note: Back in the day you couldn’t get me off our “now-a-days” vintage 1980’s 80cc Yamaha Enduro. We would zip around our grandparents farm at top speed, at least 35 mph (not really sure since the speedometer didn’t work) with no helmets, dodging cow patty’s, going straight through cow patty’s, ramping off mole hills, bouncing over old cow trails and parking in the shade down by the “Woods” to go catch some frogs and turtles. Ah, those were the days.