If you own a website domain be aware of this Domain Listing LLC scam

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Over the years I have had a handful of clients contact me about receiving a letter in the mail from Domain Listings LLC. One version of the letter warns the person that their domain is in danger of expiring. The letter below is a bit different but has the same goal – tricking a person into thinking they have to pay the bill in order to keep their domain or to not lose their domain. If you own a domain, or if you had somebody purchase a domain for you, make sure you know where it was purchased (GoDaddy, Yahoo, etc.). This Domain Listing LLC is NOT a domain registrar, so if you receive anything from them, just toss it and save yourself a couple hundred dollars!

A client received the domain name scam below last week. This solicitation is similar to scams targeting trademark owners – it looks official and it is has zero legitimate value. An “Annual Website Domain Listing on internet directory” — so what? No one uses or needs such directories (unless they are selling spots for money). The cost of $228.00 provides no actual value that I am aware of.

Don’t fall for this scam!

I got these images from this site: https://www.erikpelton.com/beware-of-scam-from-domain-listings/

Read the complaints on the Better Business Bureau Website:  https://www.bbb.org/us/nv/las-vegas/profile/internet-service/domain-listings-llc-1086-90027166/complaints



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