I designed and help maintain the Black Hills Paranormal Investigations website, and Dani Jo is a Psychic Medium and a member of the BHPI team. She recently had her book published and it is available on Amazon. Her website is http://psychicmediumdanijo.com/

Guided Directed and Protected—My Path to Spiritual Awakening

Paranormal, spiritual awakening was something author Danielle Butler never considered until she realized she had the gift of clairvoyance well into her adult years. But, one day, her Spirit guides came calling—and, she listened. Learning from their wisdom, she is now a medium, healer, and teacher, helping others to their own paths of paranormal spiritual awakening. Guided Directed and Protected chronicles Butler’s path to psychic spiritual awareness, recounting how she arrived on the doorstep of a life she never imagined. Her most important message, however, to all readers? You, too, have the light—everyone does. You just have to want to find it .

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A well written account of Danille’s own spiritual awakening. An enlightening read as she recounts each of her life’s steps honestly and recounts how every step readied her for her true life’s path and passion. We all are on our own path for true spiritual awakening, we must be aware and listen to those signs.

I so enjoyed reading this book about Danielle’s path and spiritual Journey. I have known her for over a year now and learned so much more aboout her. I have used her services and have enjoyed getting to know her thru that also. What a great book and cannot wait to learn more from her and read more from this amazing author and person.