It was nice this morning and I got a little fly fishing in before the rain moved into the area this afternoon. I tried a stretch of Whitewood Creek near Deadwood that I had never fished before. I scoped it out a bit on Saturday and saw some nice brown trout hanging around a few spots, so I was excited to give it a try today.

The stream had thick flowing moss or grass which make it a little tricky to wade through. The weeds would clump up around my boots and almost tripped a few times. The fish I caught were in deeper holes, or spots with a bare gravel bottom. I managed to land two brown trout and had another spit the fly. The first one I caught headed straight for the thick weeds along the bank and I had to dig it out.

I was getting ready to leave when another fisherman came along the opposite side of the stream. He didn’t see me at first and I think I scared him. We visited for a bit and he was catching them on a dry fly. I believe he said a Parachute Adams, white or light purple colored. I was using a Beaded Hares Ear Nymph, since I ran out of my old faithful Beaded Pheasant Tail Nymph. So, after a short visit I started heading back to the car when suddenly, I hear him yell out something. I turned around but couldn’t see him anymore, so I started heading back to the stream thinking he fell, or maybe he was being attacked by a mountain lion or something. As I got closer I saw he was in the water fighting a fish, his fly rod bent in half. The last photo below is of Ryan from Belle Fourche with his nice brown trout caught on a dry fly.