I got behind on these reports since the 14th so I will catch up with this up dated run down. The fishing both on Sharpe and Oahe got tougher after a real big storm moved thru the area. High winds made a lot of muddy waters on both Oahe and Sharpe making for a tougher bite. The fish on Oahe have moved out of the shallow water for the most part and we are catching them in around 17 fow out to 30 fow most days. Limits are still coming in for experienced angler but most are having to work hard many days to fill bags. I guided John Chuck and Wayne long time repeat customers to full possession limits of walleye along with several other groups including helping Dave Spaid with the Thunder Basin ford group and just did the first day with the Allan Ellan Buckley and grandson family also long time repeat customers. We caught limits of nice walleye northern and smallmouth along with a couple of catfish so they had a nice start to their trip. Caught these fish on bouncer plain hook crawler rigs in around 23 fow out to 30 fow . Great family and we are all having fun. I haven’t been down on Sharpe but I have heard the bite is a little tougher at west bend with crawler spinner rigs the preferred method. Fish there are a little deeper also. This has been a very good year over all for average size fish on Oahe. The fish are fat and healthy with tons of bait fish all over. Hot summer days so lots of gator aide /water a must. The flies are around so bug spray along with long pants are preferable. If you want to go out in shorts bring a pair of slip on long pants in the boat. There are times that you will be glad you have them along. You can catch the walleye many different ways with minnows leeches and plug fishing all working. Boat ramps are still busy but on the water it isn’t as noticeable due to the high water. There is plenty of water to fish so boats can get spread out if they want to.



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