Not much has changed on the fishing around Pierre with almost no boat traffic to speak of. The bite continues to be slow for open water fishing but where the ice is safe some nice fish are being caught. The Council Bluffs, IA show I just did had great traffic and I thank all of you that stopped by my seminars and my booth. Nice to see you and will see many of you again this summer. I wanted to let every one know I will be at the Black Hills Sport Show the 8th 9th and 10th of February doing a seminar on Saturday at 10 in the morning on fishing around the Pierre area. I will also have my booth there so if you are in Rapid City stop by and visit. I will then go down to Omaha and have my booth at the annual Omaha Boat and Travel show Feb 21st  22nd 23rd and the 24th so for my Omaha area customers/friends stop by. Then I guess I will be like a lot of us and just wait for the nice days to return and get the boat back out and go fishing. I hope everyone is having a good and safe time getting through the cold months and recognize for many this is a favorite time of the year for both hunting and getting out on the ice. My preference has always been the warm water spring/summer fishing but good luck to those enjoying and braving the colder weather. Hope to see some of you at the above shows.

Hutch’s Guide Service