Not a lot of changes to report from my last post. The weather has stayed warm so lake temps remain close to the same. We need some 30 degree nights to cool the lake/river down to make any big difference in the bite. Sharpe continues to put out limits of over 15 inch walleye for most boats however the boat traffic especially on weekends is heavy. Oahe in areas is putting out limits for well informed fishermen and the traffic is much less. Some days maybe two boats in a 25 mile long run so if you are good at locating the walleye and you do not like to spend your trip in the middle of 20 boats it is the best choice . The fish bags can also have more 18 to 23 inch fish in them. Be aware though that it is a harder hunt than the river. Baits on Sharpe and Oahe still are either bouncer/crawlers or bouncer/minnows with jig minnows catching fish also. Pulling plugs is very good on Sharpe when the wind isn’t blowing weeds around. I along with other guide’s took out a real nice bunch of people with the Pioneer group ramrodded by Courtney then took two father sons customers and then did another of my favorite repeat customer groups NUTRENT AG SOLUTIONS ramrodded by Marty and Emma. Most of these guys/gal are from around the SIOUX CITY  area and just a pleasure to guide. Limits were the norm and along with fish going home a big fish fry was enjoyed by all. The fish were all caught from 5 fow to 10 fow mostly on the above methods. Another company that takes the time to take care of their customer/employee’s in a great way both for them and all of the seven guides that they put on the water along with nice business for the OUTPOST LODGE. Thank you AG SOLUTIONS.