The bite continues to be good on both lakes with the walleye moving deeper for the most part. Fishing in depths of 25 fow to 40 fow are common. All baits (crawlers, minnows, leeches, and plugs) are working so fishing your style should work. I guided two great groups of repeat customers the Whites from Sioux Falls and the Hewitt Group from Iowa along with Randy Stabb and sons to limits of walleye along with some catfish. I fished both Sharpe and Oahe and had a few days where hunting fish was harder but that was mostly caused by heavy boat traffic with lots of areas heavily fished making finding the fish away from other boats harder. I have always tried to stay away from heavily fished community spots and still do but with the advent of GPS technology a lot spots that were pretty well known only by guides are now full of boats. In other words there just aren’t many secret spots out there any more. That isn’t all bad though as it makes hunting new spots the sport and that challenge is the fun part. Summer weather is around so long pants to keep biting fly’s at bay and plenty of water and sun screen make for better trips. Bermuda shorts are cool and comfortable but some days you can pay a big price for that advantage with as much slapping fly’s going on as the fish catching. Wear the shorts but take a pair of slip on long pants with you is a good choice many days. Once again I can’t thank my great repeat customers enough as they have been and are the foundation of my guide business and have always made my job enjoyable and easy.