Just a great bite up and down the river with limits of walleye, bass, some northern pike and lots of catfish coming in for most anglers that have experience. Weather is still a factor and muddy water in some areas continue to make for tougher fishing but for the most part things are going very well. I fished the Davis group one of my repeat groups along with Mike Kulm helping guide and they just had great fishing taking home possession limits of Oahe walleye and smallmouth bass some northern pike and a lot of catfish. They also ate a lot of fish while they were here. We spent every day but one fishing Oahe and there is no doubt the quality of walleye and bass was there for this group with lots of 18 to 19 inch fish going home with them. We caught the walleye in around 6 fow or less using mostly crawler/bouncer rigs or pulling shallow plugs. Many boats are fishing deeper using minnow/bouncer rigs and leeches and that works also but most days we were throwing back nice walleye just looking for that big one fishing shallow. I do think that with some of this warmer weather there will be more days fishing in 10 fow to 25 fow will be the ticket for limit catches. The fish on Oahe are really nice healthy fat fish with over 20 inch fish more common than in recent years. I think the high water is helping the fishery in many ways and is very good for everything from bait fish to all species spawning and growing. It also makes a lot more water to fish and that is good because there is plenty of angler/boat traffic around and with so much water it gives everybody plenty of room. If you want to group fish you can but for those that like to find fish a way from boats that is great with the high water. . Taking lots of water/ gator aide type drinks is essential now with 80 degree days and bug repellent along with sun screen makes for better trips. A tip of the day for those that like to go out in shorts. Bring a long slip over long pants/sweat pants etc. just in case you end up in area with flies/bugs. You can be glad you did. Summer is here and so is the bite.



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