I have not been posting reports on a 3 day basis because until recently the fishing report remained about the same with fishing good one day and hard the next. Some of the reason has been lots of rain and wind muddying up Sharpe and wind days making access and fishing harder on Oahe. This last week has improved weather wise along with the fishing. I did a small group for the OUTPOST LODGE and they had limited success with the weather coming into play. I then moved on to one of my repeat customer favorite groups the Nutrient group from Iowa and Ne Ramrodded by Marty and Emma. They brought 18 people this year and for the most part got limits of walleye catfish and smallmouth bass. I fished Oahe along with guide Mike Kulm and we got limits of walleye both days fishing in around 20 fow with mostly spinner/bouncer/nightcrawler or slow death rigs with crawlers. We had 6 fish over the 20 inch mark along with numbers of 18 to 19 inch walleye making for around an easy 17 inch average of really nice healthy walleye. One of the guides also stayed on the big lake catching limits of big smallmouth along with walleye and 3 guides went on Sharpe. They also limited or were close with real nice fish in the 17 inch range. Most of the walleye on Sharpe were caught in 4 fow to 10 fow and most were caught on crawler rigs but some fish came on minnow rigs. This group had great weather and although we worked for the fish they were as nice as I have seen around this year. I have been very lucky to have their business over the year and know most of them. A great bunch. The guides were Mike Richards Pauly Steffen Jody Cutler Bobby Propsts Jr. Mike Kulm and Myself and these guys all did a great job of showing a nice time to all so everybody went home happy. There are days the bite can be a little tough but overall I will say the fall bite is starting and it looks like if it holds we are going to see a lot of nice fish coming in. There are still plenty of fly’s around so preparing to deal with them is a good idea. As we get colder freeze nights killing of weed growth on Sharpe and lowering temps on the big lake things should get even better.



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