I haven’t been doing these reports as regular as I have in the past so when you look them up you can assume that not much has changed sine the last posted one. If there are drastic changes I will update at a more timely manner. That being said I have been real fortunate to guide a series of repeat customers to possession limits of walleye along with some bass/catfish and northern pike. The fishing on Oahe has been a consistent summer bite with limits of walleye coming in for most boats that are experienced and have good information about depths/areas. I have been fishing different area’s of Oahe including Sutton Bay, Bushs landing, Little Bend and Cow Creek and with the exception of a few real windy days have not had any trouble filling limits for my customers. On Oahe I am still catching most of the fish in depths less than 15 fow however many boats are going to even 20 to 30 fow and doing well. Most presentations work (minnows, crawlers leeches and plugs) so if you have a favorite use it. I have been running smily blade/nightcrawler rigs mostly around shale banks in 10 fow to get limits of fish from 14 inches to 25 inches with around a 17 inch avg., on Oahe. I have been don to West Bend a couple of days and the fishing on Sharpe is still excellent for mostly a smaller size daily bag. You can now keep any size walleye until Sept 1st so most boats are coming in on Sharpe with lots of these smaller walleye with an occasional bigger fish. the fish are down around 20 fow for the most part with all bait/presentations working. The key to fishing for a bigger avg. size walleye on lower Sharpe is to fish submerged trees etc. but this also produces snags so catching bigger fish often means tackle losses. I want to thank all of my repeat customers pictured for once again coming up and fishing with me. Great times and Great memories made. Lots of water and sun screen/bug repellant are standard take along items.