Decided to do this report quick as I am off the water today by two o’clock with limits for four of real nice fish. Actually we had 15 nice walleye in the boat and had thrown back around ten by lunch time at noon. The Denny Cruz family from around St. Edward Nebraska were reeling them in. They are long time repeat customers of mine and I was glad to get that kind of action for them. It was also nice to beat the heat. We caught the walleye in around 14 fow the deepest I have fished so far this year on Oahe. Most of the days I have been in 5 fow to 12 fow pulling spinner/crawler rigs. Many boats are catching the fish deeper so they are kind of scattered but I have found the only reason they are in the shallow water is to feed and that makes them easier to catch. I learned a long time ago that my customers like to catch the easy ones. Before the Cruzes I guided the Hansen group to possession limits then took another of my favorite groups the Robinson bunch from mostly around south west Iowa to full possession limits for 8 people along with walleyes for supper every night. They also got some catfish smallmouth as bonus fish. Jim Lawhon helped me guide this group and we all had a great time. I also took Rick Shumaker from Des Moines out for limits of walleye. Spent one day down on Sharpe in 35 mph wind and we put two boat 20 fish limits (40) in by noon. These fish were eater size around 14 to 15 inchers but on Sharpe because of the 15 inch minimum being off until Sept 1 it is very easy to catch a lot of the smaller fish. I spent all of the rest of the trips on Oahe with limits every day of fish that avg. around 17 inches with plenty of 18 and 19 inchers in the bag every day. I really think the combination of high water and tons of bait has brought Oahe back to a level of fishing that is getting close to the late 90’s. Not as good yet but an amazing fishery for sure. I also am seeing as much boat traffic as we have had for maybe ever but with the high water you can find lots of places to fish without fishing around other boats if you want to. Boat ramps are crowed though so be prepared for possible waits at the ramps and the cleaning stations. For the most part I think everyone is catching fish. Oahe fish are biting on crawlers, leeches, minnow and plugs so pick your favorite presentation. Depths range from 5 fow out to 30 fow so depending on where you are at finding them can be tougher some days. I will repeat my tip about Bermuda shorts. Just great for cool comfort and a little sun but bring a pair of sweat pants or long pants along. If you end up in an area of biting fly’s you will be glad you can quit slapping even if you are a little uncomfortable. Lots of Gatorade water also as 100 degree days can bring on real problems (heat stroke) IF YOU GET DEHYDRATED. A real no no. I always mention every other report or so that catching the walleye and eating them is great but to experienced angler’s finding the fish is an equal if not the most important part of the sport. Walleye can be hard to find but what separates the average angler from the great ones is the ability to hunt and find the fish. If you learn to hunt fish and find them you are on the road to enjoying the whole sport. You will also catch a lot more and bigger fish if you find your own spots away from other boats and community spots. It is not hard to find another boat with a net out but it is hard sometimes to find and catch your own fish. If you do find them the rewards of knowing that you did for many is worth it. We have a great fishery this year and in closing a big thank you to our Game Fish and Parks department for their part in helping make it so.



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