The fishing on both Lake Sharpe and Lake Oahe is going in a full summer mode with both lakes producing limits of walleye along with smallmouth bass, northern pike and catfish. I did fish down on Lake Sharpe for a day to see what is happening and it is very easy to put limits of walleye with some bass in the boat. The 15 inch minimum limit is now off until September 1st on Sharpe and the lake is just full of 14 3/4 inch fish so lots of numbers with easy limits of eating size fish. Most of the fish are being caught on the flats in 12 fow out to 20 fow on nightcrawler/spinner rigs but trolling plugs, minnow rigs leeches etc. all work. Oahe is still my preference as you can get limits of a bigger size fish along with more Northern Pike. I fished a real nice family, the Putneys from Nebraska and they went home with possession limits of walleye, some smallmouth and catfish and northern. They also ate a lot of walleye suppers while here. I then started a trip on the 4th with a nice couple from eastern Iowa, the Wrights. We caught limits of walleye to 20 inches on Oahe. I am still fishing shallow running nightcrawler/spinner/bouncer rigs in 12 fow or less but fish are being caught out to 25 fow with leeches/ minnows and also pulling plugs. It was the busiest 4th of July that I can remember but with the high water most boats are spread out so other than busy boat ramps and busy fish cleaning stations you can find lots of room to fish. Keeping your eye to the sky this time of the year can keep you out of bad situations as storms move through sometimes real fast. Fishing is great and lots of boats are out catching lots of fish meals. Lots of water and gator aide are mandatory and the bugs are out. If you go out in shorts bring a pair of long pants ie sweat pants etc. along. Some days you will be glad you did. Hope you all had a great 4th.



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