The fishing on both Sharpe and Oahe remains great for those familiar with the lakes and areas to fish. Generally the fish have moved deeper in both lakes so looking for them from 20 to 35 fow is the best starting spot. If the wind blows shallower water can be productive. My bait is still bouncer nightcrawler rigs but minnows/leeches/plugs all work. I guided another of my favorite groups John Hansen, Chuck Holsapple and Wayne Labart all from the Bellevue Ne area to limits of fish on both Oahe and Sharpe. I always look forward to these guys arriving to fish and we have a great time. They took home full possession limits of walleye along with some catfish and some shore lunch while here. My business has been built on groups like this of repeat customers and I have many clients that keep coming back so when I get these kind of groups my job is easy and fun. Many have become much more than clients to me so using friends coming back is a more appropriate description of so many of the trips I do. Bring Sunscreen, bug spray and lots of water/Gator aide with you as summer temps and flys are here. The governors cup tournament is this week end so a lot of very good anglers will be out and I will report the results in my next report. I expect to see some real nice catches.