I helped guide the second half of the CVA GROUP for the OUTPOST LODGE along with probably around 20 other guides to limits on the first day but running into an early off the water day two due to a summer storm moving thru the area dumping 3 1/2 inches of rain and big wind. I then went on to guide the Bower family repeat customer to a after the storm tougher bit bite getting around 17 fish altogether.. A real nice family that got fish but had to work for them. I am still going to describe the bite as great but spotty depending on were on the lake you fish. The fish we caught on Oahe were deeper getting down to around 25 fow to even 40 fow. I still am fishing with nightcrawler bounce spinner or plain hook rigs. Many of the guides were using anything from pulling plugs/jigging raps, minnows or leeches so a variety of presentations are working. Getting on active fish that will bite is the key. There is a lot of bait in Oahe so many of the fish are inactive due to access to plenty of bait. Moving a lot to find fish that are feeding or wanting to is the key and some days finding that situation can be harder. That is why I will keep the spotty bite in the report. The big lake is full of water, full of fish and full of bait. I look for a nice fall bite and a really great year on Oahe next year. I haven’t been fishing on Sharpe but have heard that the bite around Pierre is still not as good with a lot of moss/weeds around but that is second hand information. The salmon bite is maybe doing a little better with many boats getting a few fish on outings but I would be real hesitant to describe it as good .We are almost eight inches above normal for rain fall this year in the Pierre area so seeing green is nice at this time of the year. If you are going out on the lake remember fly spray sun screen and if wearing shorts bring a pair of long pants with you in the boat. Some days the fly’s bite and having them with you to slip on can be nice. Thank you once again to all of the corporations that reward customers or employees like CVA to company fishing outings. It is just great for the economy around our area and a great reward for both customers and employee’s.



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