The bite has improved somewhat on both Sharpe and Oahe but it is still spotty with getting the fish to bite harder some days. I spent the last three days with the SIMMINS/SEDERLIN group of repeat customers fishing both Sharpe and Oahe. Some of my favorite repeats from down Kansas way and all real good fishermen. We caught limits of fish with a 17 inch average on Sharpe. The biggest was a 22 incher with many fish in the 18 inch range so very nice fish. The walleye on Sharpe now have to be over 15 inches so we also had to throw another 20 fish or so back because of size. We caught these fish on bottom bouncer/spinner/nightcrawlers in 6 fow to 10 fow The last day these guys wanted to try the big lake(OAHE) for smallmouth bass and although we didn’t get numbers they got size with one smallmouth a 6 lb. lunker along with at least 7 fish over the 4 lb mark and other smaller bass. These fish were caught in around 30 fow to 35 fow on bouncer/minnow rigs. All three days we had to work hard for the fish and that is why this report still calls the bite spotty. It is very easy to miss feeding fish making for some reduced bags so although there are plenty of fish around there is also plenty of bait. It can be tough and many days still are. The water temps have started to drop so many of the Oahe fish are coming up from the real deep depths to more catchable water. As fall progresses I look for the bite to gradually improve with more fish in the shallow water. It is a real nice time of the year with fall arriving and cooler days more common. Still plenty of fly’s etc. around so bug spray and sun screen are necessary.




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