A lot of us guides hit a dead spot recently and so did the bite. Both Oahe and Sharpe got a tougher bite with fish on Oahe going deep (down to 50 fow) making catching them harder. I am usually busy this part of August but this year had some time off so haven’t been putting out reports. The river (Sharpe) has been spotty with west bend still putting some fish out on off shore humps but even there fishing has gotten harder. After the first of September the slot limit goes back on so 15 inch fish are necessary for limits and that will be challenging on Sharpe. The water temps on Oahe had jumped up 10 degrees but I noticed yesterday they had dropped back down. Look for the fish to maybe come back up. This will hopefully get a fall bite started and fishing should improve. Minnows are starting to come into play more especially for smallmouth bass and jigging spoons are producing some big fish in the deeper depths on Oahe. Working out numbers is challenging for walleye. Smallmouth can be good. With dropping water temps as fall progresses things should get back to normal. We still have a lot of nice fish in the lake so I am optimistic about this fall. I will get back to more regular reports in September.




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