I think in some areas you can catch the walleye’s shallower than fifty feet of water as some fish have started to move up or were shallow all along. I spent some time fishing in around 14 fow to 20 fow and caught plenty of fish. Also saw a lot of small mouth bass in those depths so right now there are fish scattered in many depths. This also makes the hunting a little harder with some fish still in deeper depths and some coming up. I guided some fellows for the Outpost Lodge to limits of walleye and some big catfish then took John Bdzil and his grandson fishing getting limits and spent two days with another of my favorite repeat customers Audrey and Marv Finn from over Sundance, Wyoming way. In all cases they went home with their possession limits but a few of these days we spent time looking for fish and it also seemed like the bite got tougher after noon. Most of the time we caught these fish on nightcrawler plain hook rigs fishing way down on Oahe but when I fished the West Bend area the fish were around 10 fow out to 30 fow mostly on ridge lines or humps. Had a few days on Oahe coming in with some real nice overs to 24 inches and some big catfish to 10 lbs so there are plenty of bigger fish around if you land in spots that have some of those year class fish. Sharpe around west bend is still putting out limits of eater size walleye with good numbers of fish coming in. Baits and methods vary with pulling plugs/snap weights deep to minnows/leeches/crawlers on bouncer rigs all catching fish.  It is for sure summer with temps getting up there some days so lots of water/gator aide drinks are essential. Plenty of bug spray and sun screen help out and if you are going out in shorts it is a very good idea to throw a pair of long pants/sweat pants in the boat. You will appreciate them if the biting fly’s show up.