I have not been down on Sharpe but from talking to guides that have the bite is good there for both bass and walleye with spinner /nightcrawlers the bait of choice. My choice for guiding is now Oahe and it is very good fishing all up and down the lake. I have been fishing shallow most days staying under 10 fow and using bottom bouncer/nightcrawler rigs with either a plain hook crawler or spinner crawler combination. Had a church group out then guided Wendell Thompson and his two sons from Hasting Ne to full possession limits of walleye along with some bass and catfish. They also enjoyed walleye meals nightly while they were here. Just a real nice family trip. Sat in the rain the last day but caught over 50 walleye as the front had them really going. It is a little easier to sit in an almost all day rain when you are constantly catching fish. This year Oahe really has nice walleye with a 17 inch average. Plenty of 18 to 19 inchers along with bags that have 0ver 20 inch fish are now the norm for fishermen that have some experience. Lots of water with near record elevations making for more acres to fish. In other words the lake is over all healthy with excellent fishing. Summer is here so sunscreen lots of water/Gator aide type drinks along with plenty of bug spray are all good ideas. I will repeat a tip about Bermuda shorts. They are great for a lot of my customers but if you are going out with them on take a pair of sweat pants or similar clothing in case you get the boat in an area that has biting flies. Slipping them on can save a lot of swatting and make for a more enjoyable fishing experience. Sometimes fly spray just isn’t enough.



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