WEATHER is still a big factor in the fishing reports as spring days have been filled with a lot of rain and wind. On the days that are nice lots of fish coming in but on rain wind days catches can be limited. Generally speaking limits of eating size walleye and bass and catfish are normal for the good anglers on Sharpe. Pierre down to West Bend is all good but the stretch between antelope creek and Joe creek on Sharpe is muddy waters due to 6 inches above normal rainfall. Water temps are now in the 50’s on both lakes so fishing is getting better all up and down the system. I have been guiding mostly repeat customers and on the days weather cooperates mostly limits of walleye bass catfish and some northern.On Sharpe the spawn is generally over and the female walleye are active now so getting fish over 15 inches is much easier. Most of the fish are being caught in 10 fow or less on both minnows and crawler/ bouncer rigs along with jigs and pulling plugs working. On Oahe water surface temps in the 50’s are happening making really good catfishing with northern pike going well also. So far not a lot of big catch’s of walleye that I know of but with water warming and access to the boat ramps with roads drying up I expect that should change daily. I mentioned catfishing so I will make a couple of comments about probably one of the most under-fished species on Oahe. Over the years I have used Northern/catfishing as a way to beat the weather as you can get back up most feeder creeks stay out of the wind and in the spring catch lots of these. They are good eating, fight better than many other fish and the limit on catfish is as many as you want to clean on Oahe. I use smelt/slip bobbers in 5 fow or less and over the years I now have many of my repeat customers that tell me that even if the weather is good they want to spend a day chasing the catfish.Just a great bonus to take home a long with walleye/bass limits. If you look at some of the pictures of my customers you will see the size and numbers of these fish we have been catching and if you look real close the smiles on my customers faces. Repeat business is what has kept me guiding for over 30 some years now and catches of northern pike and catfish surprisingly is one of the reasons many of my repeats come back. Walleye are the king for sure but if you have overlooked a catfish day you might get a real pleasant surprise both catching them and eating them. Another reason is I hardly ever see another boat in the back of most creeks. Those without access to a boat can bank fish for both the northern and catfish so these are just examples of the pluses of having a lake full of fish like these.There are some salmon being caught but I really haven’t heard of big catches. We actually caught a few Atlantic salmon by accident (recently stocked) on Sharpe that have evidently went thru the intakes. The flys and bugs are starting to arrive a long with occasional sun shine so a good insect repellent along with sunscreen are boat items.



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