Thank you to Gary Stalder who posted this on the HistoricDeadwood.when Facebook Page. So based of what Gary says below, the service station is part of what is now Tin Lizzie. And the little Mobil station down the street is now the Belle Joli Winery Tasting Room. And “The Girls” that worked upstairs across the street we can assume are prostitutes from one of Deadwood’s brothels. What a cool photo!

Here is a different spin on the old hometown. My Mom says she took this in 1952 . As I was born in March of that year , this was obviously taken later . It’s my Dad pumping gas at his station which is part of the Mineral Palace now. It was next to the Ford garage which used to be a stable incidentally. The girls that worked upstairs across the street would pay to park up against the Ford garage wall. The Cadillac backed in belonged to one of the girls. Dad ran it till ’66 or ’67 , somewhere in there before Andy Anderson took it over. Andy had the little Mobil station just down the street where they do wine tasting now.

Photo courtesy of Gary Stalder