Perhaps you have seen this statue located in Deadwood, but like me, it may have been just a passing glimpse while driving down Sherman Street (CanAm Hwy). Tucked below Mt. Moriah Cemetery and not very noticeable, is a bust of Wild Bill Hickok carved from Black Hills granite by Korczak Ziolkowski, the Crazy Horse Memorial creator. Korczak gifted the statue to Deadwood businessman, and one of the Crazy Horse Memorials earliest supporters, George Hunter back in 1951. Later, Hunter donated the bust to the city of Deadwood.

As a gift of thanks for his support, Ziolkowski carved Hunter the large bust of Wild Bill, which Hunter then donated to the city of Deadwood. The site where the bust currently sits was chosen since it is directly below Mount Moriah Cemetary – where the famous lawman is buried. The site of the bust is also argued by some to be the location of Hickok’s original camp when he first arrived in Deadwood.

Ziolkowski’s Other Black Hills Sculpture

Where to find it