This last weekend while out on my “photography walk” around Belle Fourche, I ended up at the Johnny Spaulding cabin which sits on the grounds of the Tri-State Museum and Visitors Center. The cabin doors were open and the gentleman who gives the tours was in the doorway so I asked if I could take his photo. Chuck Windham is a volunteer at the Museum and I soon discovered he is also a treasure trove of knowledge. We talked about Johnny Spaulding and his cabin, took a left turn and talked about train steam engines, specifically the Big Boy 4014. Chuck’s eyes gleam when he talks about this giant steam engine. We then took a right turn and talked about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid for a bit. The Butte County Bank in Belle Fourche had the “honor” of being robbed by Sundance along with George Currie, Kid Curry, Walt Punteney and Tom O’Day. Here is a good read about the robbery. I could have visited with Chuck all afternoon, however some new visitors came into the cabin. As I walked away, I thought Johnny Spaulding would be very pleased to know Chuck was welcoming guests to his cabin.