This past Saturday my wife and I got to spend a night at the Adams House in Deadwood with the Black Hills Paranormal Investigators. If you haven’t visited the beautiful historic Adams House in Deadwood, it is a must see…both day…and night. We got some really cool captures on their SLS Camera (Structured Light Sensor Camera). One figure we captured was sitting on a chair in the front living room. Investigator Deb Sutton set a Parascope on the floor directly in front of the chair and Lead Investigator Maurice “Mo” Miller who was operating the SLS, asked the figure on the camera if it could reach down and touch the Parascope. It didn’t take long and the Parascope lit up like a Christmas tree. Really cool!

A BIG Thank You to Rose with Deadwood History and Mo with Black Hills Paranormal Investigations for letting us experience a real Paranormal Investigation of the historic Adams House. 

You can experience a real Paranormal Investigation of the Adams House!

Paranormal Investigations of the Adams House

Deadwood History and Black Hills Paranormal Investigations (BHPI) will host Paranormal Investigations of the Historic Adams House on October 4 and 5, October 11 and 12, and October 18 and 19, 2019.  Visitors will participate in a real paranormal investigation with professional paranormal researchers.  Tours are offered at 6:00, 7:30, 9:00, and 10:30 p.m. Tickets are $35 and the price includes a t-shirt. You must be at least 12 years old to participate.  Ages 12 – 16 must be accompanied by an adult.  Psychic readings with Heart & Soul Healing Arts will be available following each tour in the gentlemen’s smoking room for $20 per person.  Must be an adult to participate and limited to eight people per session.  Advance reservations are required. 

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Before the investigation started, I took photos of all the BHPI equipment and Mo provided the descriptions.