If you have been through Deadwood, chances are you have seen the small herd of Bighorn Sheep. We have spotted them quite often coming into Deadwood on Highway 85 and the Hwy 14 intersection. There is a very rugged and steep “mountain or hill – if you are from the Dakota’s it’s a mountain” where we have seen them a handful of times. Some of the daredevils in the herd would be high up on the rocky cliffs, their hooves gripping onto ledges that are almost vertical. The signs warning of Bighorn Sheep crossing are not just there for looks, since some prefer to stand right on the highway where people stop and take pictures. Then the law gets involved and a highway patrol cruiser stops and herds them off, or starts directing traffic. Always ruining a good time for everyone…just kidding they are just trying to prevent an accident. But I digress…Thinking about it now, each time we saw the herd was later in the fall, in October. We haven’t seen them this spring or summer yet so hopefully they will be migrating through that area later this fall again.

I snapped a photo of my sister-in-law Hayley right out back of The Lodge at Deadwood. It was in the morning and they were all gathered together chewing their morning cud.

Here is a good article (Black Hills Pioneer) about the herd they brought in to the Northern Hills back in 2015