This guy takes some incredible photos.

If you are interested in purchasing a print, you can contact Aaron at (605) 645.2842 or email – Printing options include plain paper prints, canvas, premium canvas, HD metal prints, wood – pretty much anything!

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Self-taught nocturnal photographer in the Black Hills with a little bit of farming blood in me. Living the small-town life in beautiful Spearfish, South Dakota. Dog enthusiast, potato planter, outdoors aficionado.

Attention to detail is my number 1 goal when presenting my work to the public. Over the last 5-6 years, I have gone through numerous changes in print distributors, equipment, and technique to ensure a quality image that is sharp, color accurate, and as straight out of the camera as possible. Sometimes light adjustments are necessary to have the print look as good as it did when it first popped up on the back of the camera. But heavy photo manipulation, layers, PS, that kind of stuff….not my thing.

As you can probably tell from my work, the decaying remnants of past times are my drug of choice. I would love nothing more than to spend every day digging around in abandoned mine shafts, sifting through the rubble of an old homestead, or the exciting rush of tip-toeing through a dark ghost town at night. Sometimes I think I should have been an archaeologist. But for now, a camera is what I have to bring back pieces of the past. Let me show you what I’ve found.

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